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QUESTION: My daughter (5 years old) has been diagnosed with chronic constipation since baby after food diversification.

We have worsen her case by administering laxatives until 4 years old.

One year ago we heard about homeopathy and since then she is being administered homeopath medication.

She is a lot better but the worse thing is that she lacks the need to have stool. She can stay like that forever.

I was wondering if this could be since birth(although I doubt it because until 4-5 months old her transit was normal).

Or it could be the effect of vaccinations???

Its already one year. How long will it take to be normal?

ANSWER: Dear Christian,

What remedies are being used and how often do you administer them?
Does your daughter have any other health problems?
What does she eat now? I suppose you have tried to give her foods that help with constipation, like more finer, fruits, etc. in her diet?

My guess is that long term use of laxatives has caused her gut to have less peristalsis or movement. There are some good remedies for that, like Papaver or Alumina, used rather for infrequent constipation. If you have not tried them, you could try one or both together in the 30C potency. Dissolve 5 pellets in a disposable water bottle, shake well and let your daughter sip from that when she can't go.

There are many other remedies as well. Calcarea c. is a good one for children who naturally tend to be constipated and go less often and I suspect you may have been prescribed that one already.

I have another question as well - was there anything traumatic in the manner of her birth or in the pregnancy period? Or anything traumatic in her first year or life and around the time food was introduced? Sometimes a significant change in life can affect us and our health and even babies can be affected by thing we believe they don't understand.

I suppose you have already heard the good advice to encourage more exercise, being outdoors in nature, walking on the soil barefoot, eating natural foods and getting enough to drink - preferably water and not sweet juices and carbonated drinks. Rougher food rather than bland processed food…

It should not take a whole year to fix this problem unless there are other complications and constipation is just one symptoms of a group of other health issues.

You could try getting a second opinion from another homeopath and see.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


During a year our daughter already received a lot of homeopathic medication like:
bryonia,alumina,calcarea carbonica,pulsatilla,plumbum met,silicea,collinsonia,natrium mur and a lot more.
They were given in low potencies 5ch-9ch for 8-14 days.
The intestinal atony slowly faded away.
Bur she still lacks sensation, no urge for stool.
She must be administered micro clisma every 4 days.
The only traumatic event during pregnancy I can think of is that my wife worried about her safety due to a person that lived close by, and treaten her several times.
We moved 1year after given birth.
I also had the feeling that my daughter when baby related to other babies was slightly much anxious.

ANSWER: Hello again,

I can't say for sure why the lack of urge to go. Perhaps the constant use of laxatives has disrupted proper bowel functions and now the musculature is not having proper peristalsis. Can't say for sure.

There are also higher potencies of remedies that could be more effective - sometimes the low potencies are not enough to cover the whole range of the problem.

The micro clisma is necessary but not useful in the long run because it still allows for the bowel to do nothing in between. There are remedies that can help restore proper bowel movement, but they have to be selected specifically for her - it is hard to pick whach of the many general remedies would help.

You can try Papaver (also known as Opium) in 12C or 30C - she may even need 200C or 1M, I can't say for sure, but 12C or 30C is a good one to try. Give it once a day for 2-3 days and see what happens.

Opium is a good remedy for symptoms induced by fright. Her mom's fright while pregnant may have stimulated a response in the baby that resulted in muscular paralysis of sorts, a typical symptom is constipation.

I would also use specific remedies to clear: 1.The effects of mother's fear during pregnancy; 2.Ultrasounds or other medication or interventions done during pregnancy; 3. The birth itself can be traumatic and lead to some after effects in some babies (for this you can try osteopathic manipulations by a trained specialist or craniosacral therapy or Bowen therapy); 4. If the child was vaccinated, I would detoxify her body from all vaccines (some children are sensitive to vaccines and can suffer neurological or mental problems after some vaccines are administered, including many digestive problems).

There is a method of treatment known as Sequential Therapy that helps restore health after exposure to traumatic situations or toxins. Read more here:
Full detailed information:

If you want some specific remedies, I can take the case and treat your child with distance treatment methods or mail you some remedies that are specific to your child in particular and to the exposure she has had so far. Otherwise, try to get a second opinion from a homeopath that may use other potencies aside from just low ones.

Osteopathy or other gentle bod work may help also adjust certain imbalances in her body and can have some spectacular effects.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I gave her 3 x Opium ch30 2 days ago.

I can says she is mentally better. She also told us yesterday that she felt urge but she didnt tell us because she was afraid she cannot pass the stool. So she didnt go to bathroom.

This is her fear since baby(considering her history): fear that passing the stool is hurting or that she cannot pass the stool.

After micro clisma she used to be frightened that she cannot pass the stool and needed our reassurance that she will succeed. Micro clisma is still frightening to her.

I remember now that when she was 1 year old she had a lot of urge but she was passing only small clay like portions.

Now she is 5 and the urge lacks.

I am wondering shall we wait or we should give her another opium dose?

I am also givin her magnesia phos 5ch 2 times a day.

Dear Cristian,

You can wait and give another dose of the Opium and see what happens. Sometimes when the 30C is not enough, one can also use 200C (sometimes 12C is better). Alumina is another good remedy for constipation and I sometimes give the two together.

Considering her traumatic experiences, there might be a need for deeper treatment with a series of remedies that match her experiences early in life. This can be done by a homeopath trained in Sequential Therapy, someone who can line up the traumas, even from pre-birth and until today and use remedies to release the remaining fears and insecurities.

If she was vaccinated early in life, this could have caused complications that are not obvious if one does not make the connection. Some children react poorly to vaccines and develop digestive and gut problems, many of them also develop mental or emotional issues like ADD or autism spectrum problems. This is because of the inability of their body to deal with the toxins in vaccine doses.

Sequential Therapy can help eliminate residual effects of vaccines, medications, etc. so that the body can stop being protective about them. The body develops protective functions when it is being poisoned or threatened. Over time, this change in functions can cause undesired effects, just because of how long it all goes on.

Magnesium is also very beneficial if applied to the skin. Either as an epsom salt soak in a tub or as a dilution of epsom salts applied to the belly.

Castor oil packs are well known also for beneficial effects on the inner organs. You can Google those things to learn more.

I am sure gentle massage in the evenings with essential oils or almond oil or something, to the tummy area may also be useful. You can Google many of the natural and home remedies, including acupressure points, foot massage etc. to help her relax about all this.

If you want to try some sequential therapy, you can contact me directly for that. There are not many therapists worldwide today and most are in the USA or Canada, with one in Germany, I think.



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