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Homeopathy/urethral stricture scar tissue


QUESTION: Early this year I was having a problem with the Urine,  Burning,  
week flow,  pain during and after urinate,  not emptying bladder properly. Freecurrent visits, infection,  Pain lower belly, abdominal ect.
My urologist checked me and said I developed a Urethral Stricture Scat Tissue and He said we will have to do operation to open the Urethra and remove the Stricture scar tissue.
I had my operation done in Nov 2014. I was told that after the operation I will have to use Catheter 2x a week.
Because the scar tissue will occur again and there is no medication for it. Using a Catheter will stop occurring it.

My urologist tells me take pain killers and live your life and take Viagra when or if I want to have a sex .    
I do not like to take Viagra.

Could you help me please. could you suggest some thing please.
I am using Catheter 2x a week. Help me for my problems please.

1: When I use the Catheter I have few drops of blood.
2: Pain lower belly, bladder , Abdominal area.
3: Lower back pain.
4: week erection,

Please help so I can have normal life. Apart from this problem rest all is normal at this age.

Regards, A Allam

ANSWER: Dear Allam, you are welcome
Your case requires proper treatment. For this you are advised to consult some nearby classical homeopath. After detailed case taking he will be able to prescribe some suitable remedy for you. You will also need several follow ups.
Best wishes,
Dr. Sultan Mahmud

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dr gee Thank you for your reply. could you suggest a remedy so a scar tissue do not reoccur again please. I will appreciate for you help please.

Thank Sir

Regards, A Allam

Dear Allam, welcome again
I would definitely suggest the remedy if I could. You should not consider your case as a simple sore throat. Your case needs long term treatment, for which the best way is to consult a nearby homeopathic doctor for detailed case taking and proper prescription. You may need several remedies during the treatment. Hope, you understand the situation.
Best wishes,
Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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