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Homeopathy/Black Circles and Flash lights in my right eye


QUESTION: My two grand sons aging 2 years and 4 years and presently live in Sweden are having dental decay problems. I believe homeopathy does have treatment for such decay. Could you please let me know which medicine should give them to stop further decay in their present situations

ANSWER: Hello Haseeb!

You can give him some Calc.fluor. 6C or 6X or 12C potency, once a day for a month and see if there is a change.
You can also give him Schussler salts (also called "tissue salts" or "cell salts") - they are sold either individually or combined. There are 12 cell salts in total and they can be given in combination or you could ask for those that help teeth regenerate: Calc. fluor., Calc, phis., Sil. - sometimes they come already combined in that form as well.

There are other useful remedies, but to choose from them, one has to know more about the health of the child and also what stress is there at home and what kind of food it is eating. Raw milk helps little ones with their teeth. Pasteurized and homogenized milk has little nutritional value left in it.

Emotional stress can also result in tooth decay - being bullied or pushed around, feeling defenceless. Other problems can be with being pushed to learn too early - too much mental activity requires more calcium for the brain and depletes the bones and teeth.

Fluoride has been known to lead to tooth decay in some children who do not tolerate it. So if they are getting too much fluoride at the dentist, stop that practice completely.

Teeth health comes from inside the organism. Saliva is what brings minerals to the teeth and keeps them healthy. Dry mouth, too little saliva, can also be a component in tooth decay. They also need to eat foods that contain more minerals naturally and perhaps get some extra supplement for a while until the deficiency is overcome.

Not knowing much about them, it is hard to give many suggestions. You can also use the internet to learn some basic natural suggestions for strong teeth.

Good luck,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the above reply.
Here is another problem I have started feeling for the last 5-6 days.

I am in over 63 years old and enjoying good health. I feel flash lights in my right eye specially in the dark. Further, i feel black circles moving from right to left  in the same eye.

My blood pressure is up these days ( 150/80.

Could you please suggest any homeo medicine which can help me.


About your vision - this may be the result of exhaustion or eye tiredness. See if some rest and vitamins won't help the situation.
In some cases, it could be related to retina or eye problems that can be diagnosed by a doctor.

There are many homeopathic remedies to help eyesight, but it depends on what is causing it, which in your case is hard to say.

Here are some simple choices to try in the 30C or 200C potency:

Tabacum: Sparks and black specks before eyes.
Cyclamen: Glimmering and glittering before the sight.─Fiery flames dancing before eyes.
Ruta: Bad effects from over-straining eyes, from reading too much, esp. fine work at night.─Dancing spots before eyes.
lachesis: Dimness of vision; black flickering before the eyes; often makes reading difficult.

There are many more that could help.
You can also read online about "Palming for better vision" or the "Bates Method for Vision improvement" to try a few simple exercises at home to rest your eyes.



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