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Homeopathy/Query regarding varcicoele , hydrocele and possible chronic epididymitis.


QUESTION: Hi Dr.Chandagiri,
I developed pain in my testicles for the first time in December,2012. The pain lasted for 15-20 days and disappeared after that. Again i experienced pain in May,2012 and i consulted an allopathic doctor after that. I was subsequently diagnosed with Chlymadia(a STD) and because of that i had developed epididymitis in July,2012. I was given a single dose of Zithromax(1g) and the pain went away along with the chlymadial infection. I had also developed Hydrocele because of epididymitis i guess as this was also shown in the ultrasound. i used to get mild pain in the upper part of my testicles after the cure in July which used to last for 3-4 days particularly after ejaculation(mastrubation).I am undergoing a treatment in homeopathy since November,2012 for Hydrocele and epididymitis to be completely cured. I am not sure about the names of the homeopathic medicine but the doctor i refer is quiet renowned. For the past 8 days ie since 19th Feb,2014 i can again feel pain in my testicles and this pain is similar to the one i used to feel during epididymitis(low on the back side of the testicle).There is also one thing related to my underwear. One of the two underwear that i use is very loose(shopping error).And i can feel my balls hanging for the most part of the day in them. Infact the day the pain started i was wearing the loose underwear. And yesterday when i was wearing the underwear that is appropriate my pain had greatly subsided and today when i am wearing the loose underwear it has aggravated a little. One more thing to add on to all this is that i consumed a lot of alcohol on 16th Feb and smoked 3 ciggrates on 18th Feb. Can you please suggest what should i do. I am in a lot of mental and physical stress because of this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: Dear Vikas,
         First and foremost, I suggest that you start wearing well-fitting briefs or supporters, so as to support your scrotum. This will help to relieve the pain, irrespective of the diagnosis. Also, you need to get examined by a general surgeon to know whether you have developed some pathological condition again. It may be epididymitis, orchitis, hydrocele, hernia, or varicocele. I will be able to advise you appropriately only after I know the diagnosis. In the meanwhile, you can start off with the homeopathic remedy Ferrum phosphoricum 200C, taking 4 pills thrice daily for 15 days. It will help to some extent, being an anti-inflammatory remedy. Thank you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Dr.Chandagiri,
I went for diagnosis today. The doctor told me to undergo an ultrasound for scrotum. The findings of the ultrasound are below:
1) Right sided grade 1 varicocele.
2) Bilateral mild hydrocele.
3) The junior consultant did mention chronic epididymitis varbally to me but in the report epididymis is reported to be normal.

I will talk to the doctor on Monday. Please suggest me what i can do for this. I am not at all interested in taking allopathic medicine.
The pain in present in the right testicle predominantly. There is no pain in my left testicle.

Dear Vikas,
         Now that we know the problem, I suggest that you start taking Ferrum phosphoricum 200C along with Pulsatilla nigrigans 200C, taking 4 pills from each of them three times daily for a month. Preferably start wearing a langot (T-bandage) instead of normal briefs. This will not only support your scrotum well, but will also apply gentle pressure so as to prevent worsening of your hydrocele. If possible, do the shoulder-stand (sarvangasana). This will also help to treat your problem faster. Thank you.


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