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I've noticed that when I take homeopathy, I works for about a week. Then it wears off. Do you know why? I take it it the form of pellets. Should I succuss it to get more of a permanent result?

Dear Rene, you are welcome

You have asked a highly technical question which requires a detailed explanation. There are various reasons when a homeopathic remedy does not act for a long time and fail to bring a curative effect. You have not mentioned the disease or condition for which you are taking the homeopathic remedy. And also at what stage your disease is at present. The nature, condition and the gravity of the pathology involved. Your age and the present health condition, quality, quantity and the nature of your diet. There may be some food articles, herbal supplements, or conventional medicines which are hindering or interfering the action of the homeopathic remedy.

It is also possible that the remedy you are taking is partially indicated or the potency is not strong enough to push the cure further. It also happens in cases with irreversible structural changes or incurable cases where only palliation is possible.

You can read some useful information at the link below.

What is Homeopathy:

The most probable situation which I expect is that, your case requires detailed investigation and re-evaluation. You need a fresh consultation and a new remedy capable of pushing the curative process to a next step. You should not take the remedy which is partially indicated or it has ceased its action. Please consult your homeopath for fresh evaluation.

Best wishes,
Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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