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dear doctor,
i have avn detected at stage 3. can it be cured through homeopathy.
can the femoral head acquire its original shape and size and regain its original strength .
can the blood supply return back to the femoral head.

Dear kaneenika, you are welcome

Sorry to hear about your condition. Your query needs detailed answer. I have both the answers, i.e. yes and no. Remember, every patient and every condition is not hundred percent curable. In homeopathic literature, numerous cases have been documented where an advanced pathology has been reversed. I have also treated some cases of advanced pathology with excellent result. It involves two basic factors, i.e. how long do you take the treatment and the ability of the homeopath to treat such cases. Such cases require patience and long term treatment, and cure is possible.

On the other hand, in cases where complete cure is not possible, two things are sure to happen. (1) Further progress of the disease is checked (2) Patient gains optimum health level and functionality and does not deteriorate further. He lives nearly a normal life.

To treat such cases, over the counter available homeopathic combinations and specifics are not recommended. Only classical homeopathic treatment is advised.

You can read some general information regarding homeopathic treatment at the link below.    

Hope I have answered your question.

Wish you good health

Dr. Sultan Mahmud
February 18, 2014


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