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Homeopathy/Diabetic gangrene in the foot


Hello Dr,

This is Sameer asking on behalf of my father(patient). He is aged 70 yrs and is a diabetic from the past 25 years. His sugar levels in the past 3 months has been very high (fasting 300+, post lunch 340+). He suffered a minor cut in December 2013 which developed into dry gangrene. The doctors initially removed the dead tissue and were hoping for the wound to heal. But somehow the situation became worse as the wound started to ooze out pus. The doctors said that the toe has to be amputated and have removed it. But even the wound caused by amputation is not healed. Adding to that, pus is being formed again. It looks like the infection is spreading to the feet below the fingers (area that usually touches the floor when we walk). Below are the answers for your questions:

1. Gangrene to the toe(thumb of the left leg)-very painful- Toe has been amputated but wound is not healing. Also pus is forming. Been like this from the past 1 month. No healing at all. Had fever and cough apart from this. Gangrene was dry at first then pus formation started.
2. Diabetic from last 25 years. Also taking some heart medicines as one of the arteries is not properly functioning.
3. Apart from sugar he also has some mental tension - he is never at peace.
4. Apetite - Eversince this gangrene has set in he is not feeling like eating much. Before that he was normal. Thirst - Being a diabetic he usually feels very thirsty. He goes to bathroom 2-3 times in the night.
5. Cravings or aversion - He craves for sweets but despises sour taste. He used to like lot of spicy food before when he was well.
6. He has some gas trouble. Even the bowel movment is not proper.
7. Sleep - Not able to sleep these days at all as the foot is very painful. Before that he was a sound sleeper.
8. Dreams - Mostly normal. Never used to dream much.
9. Mentality - Irritable, dominating, very punctual, wants to be treated like king always.
10. Sexual disorders - Not that I am aware of.
11. Past history of surgery - No major surger in the last 5 years except for an angiogram test. He is taking some medications for the heart though. He was suffering from TB couple of years back but he was cured and completed the whole treatment course of 6 months.
12. Family history of diseases - Diabetis, Heart ailments, Sinus and asthama.

Please help.

Dear Sameer,
         First and foremost, consult a diabetologist and ensure that your father's blood sugar is brought under control. Irrespective of the state of his leg, he has got to remain ambulatory. He should at least indulge in exercises in bed or on the chair. On the homeopathic side, give him Calendula mother tincture and Echinacea mother tincture, 15 drops of each in half a glass of water, four times daily for 15 days. Also, put him on Carbo vegetabilis 30C, 5 drops in 2 teaspoons of water four times daily. Please keep me informed about his progress. Thank you.  


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