I read on a website that Silicea should not be taken if an individual has implants because its objective is to rid the body of foreign objects.  I have lens implants in my eyes and I was wondering if this applies to me and if it is safe for me.  Thank you.

Yes Ms  Laura

Silica has a capability to throw the other materials inside body. Generally this happens in case of any such trend already there. whereas implants are made of materials acceptable for the body. So it may not happen.
But  there are people for whom sometimes this implants are rejected. So if your body has even a small percentage rejection trend it will be activated by the silica. so better avoid it.
Please analyze the case properly to see if the remedy is silica only or not, because there are a lot of similar remedies like it.
If you take emotional and mental symptoms of the patient for consideration of the remedy you may get a different remedy suitable for you. That remedy most of the times will be much better than silica.
You had asked a difficult question to explain. I have a lot of things to tell. But as  I am not good in typing it is causing difficulty. Sorry for that. If you are not clear you can ask me back specific point.



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