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QUESTION: Namaste Sir, i interacted with you some time back and was very impressed by ur kind answers, i recently read in a book by dr devender vora ,and net also that there is association between homeopathy and sun signs ie. some biochemic salts are suggested for certain sun signs, what are your views regarding the same ,can we take as self medication as in the book its suggested that it will not cause any  harm  and if possible can u recommend the ways and dose of taking it for i m an aquarian,any link for the same in ur knowledge,thanks and regards

ANSWER: Dear Mr. Singh,
         Namaste. You can certainly take the biochemic preparations by yourself without the slightest fear, as these are basically tissue salts. They are absolutely safe, and you can take them regularly even lifelong without any risk of adverse reactions. Although many of the doctors feel that there is some relationship between the twelve sun signs and the twelve tissue remedies, I personally believe that it is better to treat a patient on the basis of the deficiency state that his or her symptoms indicate. This is bound to produce better results. However, if you wish to try a remedy that has been linked to your zodiac sign, you can certainly go ahead and do it without any harm. According to a book titled 'THE SALTS OF LIFE' by Karen Bartlett, an Aquarian would require Natrum muriaticum and Magnesium phosphoricum for good health. this booklet is readily available on the internet for no cost. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Namaste Sir,thanks again for ur answers, i want to ask that as for homeopathy medicines is there similar dietary restrictions for biochemical salts intake also,ie. some say 15 min,30 min or 60 min gap between meals or anything  and medicines,some say biochemical salts can be sipped with water ; i take green tea, at times mint flavored, use asafoetida(hing)in diet, do not take alcohol etc. so any special dietary items to be avoided before or after intake of biochemic salts and duration of gap or they are to be altogether avoided,will the biochemic salts will be totally ineffective of somewhat neutralized ,regards and many thanks for ur time and answers.

Dear Mr. Singh,
         The tissue salts do not act like homeopathic remedies. They basically replenish the levels of these salts that naturally occur in the human body. Therefore, the restrictions that apply to homeopathic treatment do not hold true for biochemic treatment. You can simply chew them whenever you want, but three times daily for 2 to 3 months for best results. Habits like smoking or chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol are best avoided, as they harm the body and defeat the very purpose of taking such medicines. Thank you.


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