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QUESTION: Hello Prasad Ji

I am facing a rather unusual problem. I stay in New Delhi and work for the Government. I stay single here and tend to eat food such as burgers, pizzas, etc. which are not so good health-wise while in New Delhi. I am perfect health-wise here. However, whenever I visit my hometown, which is about 100 miles from New Delhi, I feel hot in the stomach, heat, pain, have to apply pressure to defecate and urinate and there is continuous discomfort in the stomach. This happens as soon as I enter my hometown. I eat healthy food here. But all these problems perish as soon as I enter New Delhi. Please provide guidance. Further, I need to put in 25 minutes to defecate wherever I am since the last 15 years when I was a high school student and lived in my hometown. I am 30 now. I am very healthy otherwise. I have moved to New Delhi just 4 years ago.


ANSWER: Dear Abhishek,
         First and foremost, please get three basic tests done, namely your liver profile, stool routine, and fasting and postprandial blood sugars. I need to know if everything is okay. If all your tests report normal, all that you need to do is to increase your intake of fiber, curds, and fluids, and decrease your intake of junk food. Also, exercise regularly to stay fit. For now, you can start taking the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica 30C, 4 pills thrice daily for 15 days. Once you give me details about your test reports, I will be able to advise something more appropriate for you. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Thank you Dr. Prasad. I've already taken the Sugar tests and report was normal. I will take the other tests as suggested by you. But I've tried Nux vomica and also other medications from various homeopaths including Dr. Parikshit Mahimkar (on allexperts) over the past 10 years but none has worked. I am very healthy otherwise and have good stamina but I've to spend 25 minutes in the lavatory for defecation. I don't know if I'll ever become normal again. I've met another person also who has the same problem but is healthy like me. And this problem of heat, warm, stomach troubles has started since the past 4 years only.

ANSWER: Dear Abhishek,
         Since you have already tried Nux comics in vain, I suggest that you give me more details about yourself, based on my questionnaireprovided on the all experts website. This will help me to treat you constitutionally. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Dear Prasad Ji, since you asked me to answer the questionnaire, foloowing is my reply to the concerned points:

1. Chief complaint is constant and continued constipation since I was born. As a toddler, it took me 10 minutes to defecate. Since last 12 years, this time has been 25 minutes. I am 30 now. I have to apply pressure to defecate. It took me 5-7 minutes to urinate earlier but now, after Dr. Parikshit Mahimkar's medication urine discharge is okay. However, even he couldn't solve defecation problem. And this problem occurs at all times and places.
2. I have been taking unhealthy food (twice a week) since the last 2 years only but this problem has been there since birth.
3. No other associated complaint but sometimes when I am in hometown, blood flows while defecating but this problem vanishes soon after I reach New Delhi, my workplace.
4. Nothing like that.
5. Nothing like that.
6. Well, this is my problem. Bowel/bladder is not cleared until I put in 25 minutes.
7. Nothing like that.
8. They are there but nothing suspicious as these are normal. I get good sleep usually.
9. Sometimes, carelessness is there and I need to maintain composure, remain calm and have control over situation. Otherwise, usually okay.
10. Nothing like that.
11. Always great health-wise.
12. In 2001, when I was 18, my mother reported Sugar. But otherwise, everybody is healthy in the family. I have good stamina and health.

(I have tried everything since last 12 years but nothing has worked for me. Laxatives work for the period I take them but when I stop, the problem resurfaces. I am not questioning your abilities Doctor; however,I don't know if I ever be normal.)

Dear Abhishek,
         On the basis of your symptoms, I feel you will respond to the homeopathic remedy Calcarea carbonic a 30C. Please buy it in liquid form (sealed bottle). Take 3 drops in 1 teaspoon of water twice daily for a month. Do not take any other medicine during this period. Depending upon your remedy response, I will decide whether you need to change the potency or the salt next time. Thank you.


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