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Homeopathy/Plz tell me treatment of anal fistula at second stage


 Anus after some treatment
Anus after some treat  
Aslam.dear sir two months ago i felt some pain out side my anus .i took augmenton 1g for three days and felf compete relief.but after two months i felt swear pain and swelling on the same place.i attended the general surgen he after a miner surgery discharged puss and gave ceprofloxacin for five days.after taking this antibiotic puss generation was not stopped and again it begain swelling ang pain and puss was coming out from wound. Dr told me it is starting of anal fistula and we can not prevent it . Surgery is the final treatment of this problom.dr has given me another antibiotec there is a little recovery but i feel puss stains on my truiser.i m very much upset as i m doing duty in dubai as technician .this situation is creating probloms for my physical activities. So plz i request u to tell me any sulution for my problom. Some body told me homeopathy treatment can help me for permanent sulution.

Dear Imran, you are welcome
As per picture, the anus is inflamed and swelled. The condition inside the anus is definitely more deteriorated. In homeopathy, very effective and curative treatment is available but it is not like allopathy. In homeopathy, there is no specific remedy for any disease or condition. To select a proper remedy detailed case taking is required and this is not possible at this forum. You are advised to contact some nearby competent homeopath or contact me through my personal email/ website for proper treatment. You will be allowed special discount. To avoid major damage and complications, you donít have much time to delay. So please act fast.
Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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