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After some treatment
After some treatment  
Aslam.dear sir two months ago i felt some pain out side my anus .i took augmenton 1g for three days and felf compete relief.but after two months i felt swear pain and swelling on the same place.i attended the general surgen he after a miner surgery discharged puss and gave ceprofloxacin for five days.after taking this antibiotic puss generation was not stopped and again it begain swelling ang pain and puss was coming out from wound. Dr told me it is starting of anal fistula and we can not prevent it . Surgery is the final treatment of this problom.dr has given me another antibiotec there is a little recovery but i feel puss stains on my truiser.i m very much upset as i m doing duty in dubai as technician .this situation is creating probloms for my physical activities. So plz i request u to tell me any sulution for my problom. Some body told me homeopathy treatment can help me for permanent sulution.

Dear Imran,
         Waalaykumussalam! It is a fact that an anal fistula can be a very irritating problem, as it may not respond to medical treatment. However, there are quite a few documented cases of patients getting cured of this problem with homeopathic treatment; hence, there is no harm in trying these medicines. I would recommend two medicines for you: Hydrastis candanensis mother tincture, 15 drops in half a glass of water, three times daily for a month, and Calcarea phosphoricum 30C, 5 drops in 2 teaspoons of water, three times daily for a month. Externally, you should only apply a mixture of pure cow's ghee and turmeric powder. Let us see how you respond. Please do keep me informed. Thank you.


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