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Homeopathy/premature ejaculation.


QUESTION: Dear, i am going to marry after 6 months, bus i have severe premature ejaculation problem, i get release with in 10 seconds, i am very worried due to this problem, my penis errection is good, but i can not stay more than 5 to 10 seconds. please help me. my detail is as under:
age 26
height 5'6''
weight 80 kgs
less memory
sometimes headache problem
pain in back
typhoide one year ago
appendix operation 4 years ago
mustarbation started at 15 years of age, and doing still, bus once in week now, at start mastarbation was very high, about 3,5 times a week.
now after mastarbation feel headache.
little bit penis is tilted to aside now, before it was ok.

1 Sleeping is good, about 7 hours in night, but also feel sleeping in day time, but due to job can't sleep.

2. now i forget things alot, i feel this problem from 1 year approx, now i forget few things within 1 hour, when i think again and again about that thing, then remember, and sometime not remember. and i can't concentrate on work now.

3. personality wise i am good. physically not strong body, but healthy, (5'6'' height, 80kg weight). i started weight gaining from last 3 years, before this i was not so healthy. now when i run for exercise, then very sever pain in my legs, especially in leg bone upper the ankle, and get tired after sometime when exercise.
i sleep in night at 11 pm and wake up at 6 am, then after breakfast go for duty and come back at 5 pm, after that i take my meal, and start surfing on internet on laptop, and sometime goes outside to walk. black spots lower of eyes.

Mentally i was very strong about 4 years ago, but now i can not concentrate on work, forget things, feels headache when try to concentrate. take a lot of tension, if some problem occur, and try to run away from tough situations, thinks alot about my premature problem due to marriage, some times think about sex, and when i mustarbate i feel very taste lower of my penis little behind the cap.

((some people called me that this is mind game, but one time i put some tape lower my penis and put condom on that, then i felt taste after 2 to 3 mint, because my penis lower place was not rubbing, due to that ejaculate after 2,3 mint))

4. i feel good in winter, and not good in summer, in summer huge sweating, and feel tired.

5. my food is good, mostly use chicken, beef etc, less number of vegetables.

6. i drink about 2 liters of water in a day.

(sir, i forget to tell you some thing, when i get errection in penis, transparent water drops comes out a lot, it is so much, that i can masturbate with this transparent water using as lubrication, no extra lubrication is required, because this water comes out in large amount (about 7 to 10 big drops, come slowly outside)
i also used homeopathic medicine to cure this problem, before 2 years ago, but i don't know any information about that medicine, i also told that doctor about premature ejaculation, that medicine had no effect, due to that reason i stopped that.

ANSWER: Dear Jhon,
         You will have to practice the start-stop-start technique to delay your ejaculation. Please eat healthy and exercise regularly to regain your lost vigor and vitality. The transparent that you see when you get aroused is the precum. It is a natural secretion that acts as a lubricant and is produced, as your body prepares for intercourse. I suggest that you start with the homeopathic remedy Lycopodium clavatum 30C, taking 4 pills thrice daily for a month. Considering all your symptoms, I am sure you will respond to this remedy. Also, you seem to be overweight for your height. Please try and shed your weight over a period of 6 to 12 months and approach a weight between 65 to 70. You will feel much better physically as well as mentally if you do so. Further, stop being purely non-vegetarian. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet too. They are equally important. Thank you.   

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QUESTION: Dear doctor,

First i am very thankful for your kind advice.

i am using lycopodium 30C, 4 drops daily thrice a day from last 20 days. i am feeling good mentally, and feel relax. but there is no effect on my premature problem, i have same feelings and discharge within 10 seconds, because of high sensations in penis lower side (hypersensitive), i try to control it by mind, but can not control, i feel severe excitement under penis which cause ejaculation. please if need refer me another medicine in advance, because i need to purchase it from another country.
due to this reason i am asking in advance, it will take a long time to purchase it from another country.

Thanks alot


Dear Jhon,
         You will have to purchase the same medicine in the next potency, i.e. Lycopodium clavatum 200C. You can take it once every night for 15 days. Please continue to practice the start-stop-start technique to delay your ejaculation. I am sure you will respond well. Thank you.


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