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Homeopathy/height of 9 month old baby girl


QUESTION: Hi sir, my daughter is 9 month old .her height is 63cm wh,. Is very below the growth chart of  9 month old  as normal height is 68 cm. do u prescribe any homeopathy med. For this.

ANSWER: Hello,
     Please note that your child is too small to predict how tall she will be when she grows up. If all her other milestones are normal, you need not worry, as it is very likely that she will catch up in due course of time. Just ensure that she is getting all the necessary nutrients, especially proteins. It is now established that micronutrients and proteins play an important role in the growth and development of a child. I would not recommend any medicine at this stage. If still in doubt, please get your baby examined by a pediatrician to find out if everything is okay. Thank you.  

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QUESTION: Dear sir, thnx for replying.
Do you have any idea abt normal height of 9 month old baby girl in India as here in aus babies r too big n Indian baby can't match up that height n my baby come in 3rd percentile in the graph for height as well as weight she is 6.33 kg n 63 cm wh. is very small acc. to them I'm breastfeeding n giving khichri (mix everything veggies+deals+rice+crushed wheat+chicken+butter+eggs etc.) *3 times . n I was giving shera of wheat flour sometimes like 2 times in week as it is sweet n here doc said we CNT start sugar below 1yr .she already started crawling .if u help me in  this I llb very thankful. As ethnic diversity may b d I consulted one of anganwadi worker in ind. she told me at 9 months they prefer child should b 6 kg .BT height they don't measure.

ANSWER: Hello,
     Please visit the following page:

It carries the growth chart for an Indian female baby aged between 0 to 12 months. As per this chart, your baby is absolutely normal. So, please do not worry. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Here on d growth chart height is 70cm n weight is 8kg for 9 months baby girl. N my baby girl is just 63 cm n 6.3 kg .height is 7 cm less huge diff. What is our opinion sir.

     If your baby is active and her milestones are normal, I would still suggest that you stop worrying about her growth. However, if you are still in doubt, you should speak to your pediatrician and see what s/he has to say. As I said earlier, you can increase your baby's macronutrient (carbohydrate, fat, and protein) intake to help her gain weight and also grow taller. Thank you.


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