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my daughter age is now 5 year.her name id ANNU.her colour is not fair and dark.main problem is she is not able to stand.below the waist is to weak.she is also not speaking very well except few many allopathy doctors are said she has no problem her mind is not grow as well her please help me by homoeopathy medicine.

Dear Shyam,
Has your child been vaccinated? Is there a particular age at which you noticed something was not right?
Was she ever healthy and able to develop and then stopped?
It is hard to know how to approach this situation, but vaccines have been  known to cause nerve damage or developmental damage to some sensitive children.
If your child was born with health problems, then this may be hereditary.
Do you have any idea when this started and what happened before that?

In homeopathy, there are 100 remedies for inability to walk or development problems, but each remedy is different depending on the cause and other symptoms.

Beryta carb. comes to mind - for children failing to thrive and develop. You can try the 30C potency once a day for 2 weeks and see if anything changes. But there are so many other remedies that could work better.

It may be better if you could see an actual healer in person so they can assess the child and view the situation from a different perspective and then not only choose one remedy, but many different remedies that have to be changed over time.

Homeopathy could help, but this type of case needs to be monitored, remedies have to be changed and they have to be selected specifically for your child - this is not a simple and general problem, but a complicated and specific case.



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