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Hello Doctor,
I am a diabetic since 2 and half years and my fasting blood sugar remains constantly between 120-140, and I am having problem of frozen shoulder in my left shoulder since last six months.In one of the treatments online as suggested by your goodself for frozen shoulder, I found that you prescribed Rhos Tox 10M 3 to 3 drops for two days and repeat after 10 days if no results found. Doctor sa'b, I want to know that will this be suitable for me also or you would suggest some other homeopathic medicine. Also suggest me medicine for diabetes. At present I am taking ayurvedic medicine for diabetes

Thanks and best regards

Dear Mr Ravi
for diabetes it needs detail symptoms. So it is required for the detail homeopathic way of case history. You can contact us at for detail case history

you dont have any idea of homeopathy treat a cae. I dont care about your rating or feedback. Yes the diabetes is not a commob cold or diarrhoea that i will prescribe medicine and you will be cured for life time. so funny.. and you also want all in free. right.. so strange ..  


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