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I have been diagnosed with asceptic necrosis on my metatarsal foot and have had 18 injections of miacalcic after which there has been some pain relief but the pain is not gone completely.
I consulted a homeopathy practitioner but I am not very sure in the medicine she gave me. It is Symphytum.Is it suitable for asceptic necrosis?
Looking forward to an answer
Maya petrova

Hello Maya!

Symphytum is a good remedy for bone recovery, especially after fractures. But there are other useful remedies as well - Calcarea fl. or Calcarea phis., Silicea, many more.

Some people get good effects by using Schuessler salts or "tissue salts" - a series of 12 mineral salts created homoeopathically in low potencies, to stimulate physiological regulation in the body. There are a few that help with bones - the calcareas, silica, even Magnesia phis. - they are sometimes sold in combination to target the bones in particular.

The potency of a remedy can also make a difference - 6C and 12C and 200C have different effects and some homeopaths do not use all the potencies. I am not sure which one you need as I am not familiar with the entire case.

There is manual manipulation and therapy that can be applied by an osteopath or physiotherapist, of course. Homeopathic remedies can help heal inflammation or injury but we need to know what is the situation - is there a fracture, torn tendon or something else still not healed? Perhaps a chip from a bone still out of place? If there is no mechanical reason for the pain, then we can look at mental triggers and remedies to help heal the foot.

Here are some insights into the issues related to the instep (is that where the problem is?)

ARCH SIDE-OF-INSTEP PROBLEMS: They have identity problems and uncertainty about who they are in the world, about how to go about being themselves in the world. They are deep in conflicts over how to get life-and love- support, over relationship issues, and, over commitment concerns. They are looking for ways to keep themselves practically grounded, and they are trying to find ways to further themselves - but with a great deal of trepidation and ambiva­lence.

The right foot usually points to conflicts related to your partner or any person except for your children/mother (they are related to the left side of the body, unless you are right handed and then it reverses).

Sometimes our bones erode due to injury. Sometimes we lose bone mass due to psychological stress and where in the body the problem is helps us figure out which type of stress caused it. Feet are about standing your ground, about stepping into a bad situation or about fear to make a step into the unknown.

If you want me to be more precise - which foot is it? What bone exactly? What was going on in your life BEFORE the symptom began? homeopathy is great for symptoms, but each remedy also has a mental and emotional state typical for the remedy and the situation, so that helps select other remedies as well.

I hope this is not too much information to digest!


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