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QUESTION: Asslamalekum sir i am md rizwan khan mbbs doctor in india i want to discuss my own hair problem and want to learn how to care these problem in other patients and how to treat them
Name- md rizwan khan 27 year old male normal healthy build height 5ft 9 inch
Living in satna mp
Presenting complaints- thinning of hairs from last6-7 years‚
Temporal  area baldness more then frontal area baldness from last 5 years
Premature greying of hairs from last 2 years
Complete history - around 8 year ago when i am fully normal i started sudden huge dandruff in scalp with itching and hair falling  dandruff was white in color it is very resistent type didnt remove completely after shampoo now this is continue whith my hair produce tendency  to falling now when my hair grows and become longer it start falling then i scratch off comolete hair with razer  this is contiue and few manth ago i started lemon juice with amla powder now my dendruff almost rid off but falling tendency of hair still present
Family history- my grand father and father both have baldnessbaldness even my older brother also have male pattern baldness
Personal history- sound sleep with or without dreamdream
Normal appetite i like veg and cool food more than nonveg
I dont like crowd and gatherin
Shy personality
Concentration poor
Sweating normal
I cant tolerate.winter and humidity
I like sweets and less spicy food
So sir i try to explain my best to you now help me how to treat my self and if you like please.
Earlier i have diagnosed hereditary  male pattern baldness  and i have taken Syphilinum 200 potency drug only single dose  and coconut oil on scalp under good homeopath but i didnt get any result now i only want to cure my hair falling and hair greying problem  which very difficult in allopath

ANSWER: Dear Dr. Rizwan, you are welcome

The first rule of the homeopathy is “treat the patient, not the disease”. Homeopathy is not like “take this for that”. For the treatment of any disease, we have to consider the whole patient, i.e., his total personality comprising of his mental and emotional symptoms plus physical and disease symptoms. Pathological symptoms have the least value for prescribing. Homeopathic case taking is not a simple job. You cannot buy a couple of remedies for yourself and for your patients. For proper treatment, you have to learn homeopathy thoroughly.

I am suggesting you two articles to give you a clear idea about, how homeopathy works. Below are two links.

1.   What is Homeopathy - General Information

2. Basics of Homeo-Psychiatry

If you want to know anything further, I will be glad to assist you.


Dr. Sultan Mahmud

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your reply and valuable link ragarding homeopathy.please give me brief knowledge about how to select potency of drug and what dose can be given to patient

Dear Rizwan, welcome back

As I have already told you, this is a very delicate and highly technical subject. Dose and potency is adjusted according to each patient and pathology. You have to study homeopathy for the proper understanding of this subject. It is better to consult some experienced homeopath to avoid any complication.


Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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