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Homeopathy/Numbness and burning sensation in right leg


QUESTION: Hello Doctor
The problem started with driving of long hours leading to numbness of right leg. I ignored it until it became severe to a level that I couldn't drive. Earlier it was tingling then numbness  but after I stopped driving completely , a burning sensation started from the lower back to both feet. This lasted for few days. In mean while I got an Mri done and checked by spine specialist. I was told its a start of slip disc. Another doctor said its Annular Tear and will self heal. I was adviced for physiotherapy but even after 2 months and lot of exercise change nothing helped. A homeopathy doctor gave rhus tox. Even that wasnt helping. If I rest; the burning is negligible. Driving and sitting in the car is the biggest problem. Walking ; climbing stairs or even sitting long hours on chair is not an issue. The lower back l5 and s1 have herination as well but not something out of the age as advised by doctor. I m 36. Please advice some medicine for fast healing of annular tear. Will Bioplasma as I read somewhere will be helpful. I dont need pain killer or suppresser. I would prefer something that can heal it if possible.

ANSWER: Dear Atul,
         Medicines will only offer temporary relief. Exercise is the only solution to your problem. Please do forward and backward bending exercises very slowly every day to reduce the nerve entrapment. Further, exercising will strengthen the muscles of your back and thereby reduce the burden on your vertebral column. on the homeopathic side, take Calcarea fluoricum 3X, 4 tablets thrice daily; and Hypericum 200C, 4 pills thrice daily; for a month. This should help to heal naturally. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Dear Dr.Prasad R. Chandragiri
Thankyou for your advice.
I have started with exercises and taking this medicine as well. Does Calcarea fluoricum 3X help in healing it. Wearing loose clothes give a relief as well; any reason for this. Driving still gives quiet a few hrs of burning so I have restricted it to emergency only. Usually for days I will be fine and other I will have this burning sensation for frequently few days but no consistently.
I am still trying to figure out how bad this is and will it cure fully post exercise.
Thanking you once again
Atul Godhwani

ANSWER: Dear Atul,
         Yes, Calcarea fluoricum will help to heal or at least retard the degenerative changes in your spine over a period of time. But, since it is a very gentle tissue salt, you will have to take it for months together. As I told you last time, exercise is the best treatment option. It works wonders in such cases. Remember that you need to do stretching and bending exercises for your back to help decompress the entrapped nerve. If you can do yogasanas like chakrasana, dhanurasana, parvatasana, and halasana, that will be even better, as these postures have to be assumed very slowly; so, there is no risk of any aggravation of symptoms. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Hello Doctor

Have been better since earlier but the Burning sensation comes back to haunt me. The inflammation feels only while sitting and may not be felt for few days and then suddenly strikes back. Should I continue with Calcarea Fluorica  3x. Should any other medication be added. Continuing with Physio.

Dear Atul,
         If hypericum hasn't helped you much, you may switch to Bellis perennis mother tincture, taking 15 drops in half a glass of water twice daily. This remedy can also facilitate healing of the spine. Please continue with Calcarea fluoricum as advised.  Thank you.  


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