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Homeopathy/Alopecia-- Follow up response to yestardays mail



Continuing  with yr yesterdays   response  to our question Providing  the responses  to questions

1)  Hair loss , slow  loss over the years  which  has  resulted  in scanty hair  in the front and middle  portion( 5 years )
2)No specific  reason we  can attribute
3)Dont know  . Thyroid treatement was taken based  on the hair loss even though  blood results were normal(  started  around  2,5 years  back elthroxin 50 ) She  has    head aches  , it could  be  due  to  sun exposure  any  tension  etc
4)Appetite - normal  
5 ) Nothing specific - Like  to have  sweets
6 Bladder / Bowel -  No problems
7 ) Sleep  - Normal  .2 -3  years  back   had  some  tension mainly  due  to my  job  related  issues . but   it was  nothing  serious that  time  she had   some  trouble  in getting good  sleep  But  nothing  extended
8) Dreams -  Nothing  in  particular
9Mentality /temperment - Can  get agitated  and  angry  some  times  when  issues  close  to her  heart  are  questioned . Otherwise  very  loving and   caring
10 Sexual  disorders - Nothing
11) Past histry /surgery - Nothing . Delivery   was  cesearian around  13 year  back
14)  Family  history - Her parents   have  no   hair loss problem even at 70 years . For  that matter  hair  started  greying  only in  the  very recent years. Both her  father and mother side  , there  seems  no   trait  for  hair loss. Her  mother  had thyroid  some  time  back

Hope  this  helps  in  reviewing the case  

Look forward  to your kind advise

Thanks & Kind  regards


ANSWER: Dear Krishnakumar,
         Please give your wife Natrum muriaticum 30C, 4 pills twice daily for 15 days. She can also massage Arnica hair oil into her scalp every day, about 2 hours before washing your hair. Also, ensure that she does not have any nutritional deficiencies by giving her fresh fruits and vegetables daily or some multivitamin preparation. She should also exercise regularly to improve the overall blood circulation of her body. Do tell me about she responds to this protocol. Thank you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks  for  yr help

Pls  advise whether she  should  take   natmur and  scalptone both

Thanks  & Kind  Regards


Dear Krishnakumar,
         Please give her only Natrum mur first, as it is likely to help her on the whole, considering that it matches her constitution. Scalptone is a specific; so, if you give it simultaneously, I won't know if Natrum mur is helping or not. Thank you.


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