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Homeopathy/COPD - breathlessness


Respected Doctor,
Presently I am a 65 year old man diagnosed for COPD in December, 2010 and since hen taking regular medicines as given below;
Foracort 400 and Duolin Inhaler, Budecort and duolin nebulisation 3 times each daily, ABPHylline 100 mg capsule twice daily, Tab Assurance 20mg 1/2 tab thrice daily, cobadex forte capsule once daily and 10/15 hours each day on home oxygen. I have been somehow managing in the last few years. However, since November 2015, I am having severe breathing problem inspite of taking the above medications and am barely able to walk and during breathless ness passing urine and stool. I am becoming a burden on my family members.I am not afraid of dying but I do not want to commit suicide. Can you help me dear Doctor with your advice to withstand my present problem with homoeopathic solutions. I shall be very grateful. If it is not too much to ask, I shall expect to receive your response at the earliest.
Thanking you,
With regards,
Krishnan Subrahmanyam

Dear Krishnan, you are welcome

I am really sorry to hear about your serious condition. It is very easy to casually suggest some homeopathic remedies that may or may not work for you, or it may be possible that your condition may become worse.  You need a treatment that will really benefit you. So I want you to understand the reality. In homeopathy, there is no medicine for any disease or condition, i.e., you cannot say “takes this for that”. Treatment should be based upon the total picture of the patient, i.e. his mental, emotional, and physical symptoms should be considered collectively. Your condition can be improved drastically but for that you need a proper treatment, patience and perseverance. For proper prescription, detailed interview is required. Furthermore you have to discuss your condition at every step during the treatment for proper follow up. Your condition requires constant watch and tailored treatment. Your case requires time, involvement and dedication. Obviously it is not possible at this limited forum. Therefore, you are advised to contact some nearby competent homeopath. The good thing is that your case is not beyond hope and you will feel great improvement.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud  


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