QUESTION: hello sir my mother age 50 year have chronic hypertention problem along with dizziness headache and short temper mood.for this i used to give her allopathic anti hypertensive drugs but some times BP shoots up and symptoms precipetate that by i want to homeopathic drug for permanent cure for this BP problem
their symptoms are.
mind- short temper angry and irritated
head- clear thin hair and lots of falling
obs and gyneacology- reached to menopause 5 year back and hysterectomy was done 3 year back for irregular bleeding.
sleep- very difficult sound sleep comes in very few occasion.
GIT- normal appetite like warm and nonveg food.
urinart- normal but frequent at night.
cvs-- BP 130- 140 and diatolic around 60
         pulse pressure usually at higher level
please give me permanet cure solution

ANSWER: Dear Dr. Rizwan,
         You have shared the causes of your mother's hypertension yourself. Her irritability and lack of sleep are two important factors. Further, she should preferably eat a mixture of vegetarian and nonvegetarian foods, as the latter are again known to increase the blood pressure. Please get her to practice some mental relaxation techniques. Even spiritual reading will help her. For example, ask her to read the translation of the Holy Quran in a language that she is comfortable with. Chanting any of the names of God with the help of a rosary will also help her to develop better mind control. On the homeopathic side, give her a mixture of Passiflora incarnata mother tincture and Rauwolfia serpentina mother tincture, 10 drops of each in half a glass of water thrice daily for a month. She should also go for 30-minute walks regularly. All this should definitely help her out. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Thanks to yout quick reply as i am allopath doctor treating my mothers HTN and leg pain waist pain and other postmenopausal symptoms.
I want to cure other symptoms from root that by i required homeopathic help if you dont mind please send your email adress and whatsapp number for detail case study of other sypmtoms.
As you prescribe for high bp i will start as soon as possible with regular monitoring but i want to dicrease pulse pressure also which is in mine mother case is 70- 80 whuch is not good for long term case( normaly 20-60) which can be possible by increasing diastolic pressure and dicreasing the systolic pressure

ANSWER: Dear Dr. Rizwan,
         My current job does not permit me to practice privately. Hence, I will not be in a position to share my contact details. I usually request all my satisfied patients to consult any good homeopath close to them, once they are convinced that Homeopathy can help them. The two medicines that I prescribed will help to reduce her blood pressure and relax her mentally. I strongly believe that her wide pulse pressure is due to her temperament. Anxious patients are known to have high systolics and low diastolics. Please try these medications first. If the problem persists, we could think of any remedy called Veratrum viride, which is almost a specific for the same. Thank you.

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Right knee xray
Right knee xray  
QUESTION: Thanks for reply but my mother also pain pain in right knee and leg and pain in waist also thats by she cant performe exercise and i allready given pain killer two timea a day in addition of antihypertensive .
X ray was done there is articular joint gap increased in xray and mild bone errosuon also present but some feature.of sciatica also present but i still not confirm on diagnosis as made by mine seniors.i seriously concern about their knee pain whuch cause their life very painful what can do in homeopathy for this

Dear Dr. Rizwan,
         The best homeopathic medicine to reduce the progression of osteoarthritis is Calcarea fluoricum 3X. You can give your mother 4 tablets thrice daily for 2 months. This will gradually decrease the pain associated with the condition. Thank you.


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