Venerable Sir;

I am a young man of 34 and suffering from Gastro Esophagus Reflux disease for the last 7 years. I am using Omeprazole for this daily. Long term use of this medicine starts many side effects in my body. Omeprazole stops the digestion of calcium, vitamin C and many other valuable ingredients from foods.

Signs & Symptoms :

I feel that the color of my stool is reddish. I feel severe stretch and pain of muscles of neck, shoulder and my back. I feel tired every time. Can not perform my duty. Can not sleep well. I feel week during sex as I feel that I have exhausted. Feel lack of energy for intercourse. Erection of penis is not good. Week Erection, small quantity of semen when discharge, thin semen and erectile dysfunction during intercourse are my problems along with GERD.

Sir, I have consulted many practitioners of Homeopathy in this regard. Sir I am a poor person and can not afford fee. I am requesting you to please tell me some remedy for my digestive track and sexual disorder. I shall always pray for you, your parents and your family. Thanks


Nadeem Rafiq

Dear Nadeem, you are welcome,

You have multiple issues in addition to GERD, and in homeopathy there is no specific remedy for any disease or condition, like “take this for that”. Therefore, I cannot prescribe on these superficial symptoms. You must have to consult some competent homeopath for detailed interview (case taking), to prescribe properly. You will also need several follow ups and several months treatment. However, the good news is that all your problems are curable. Obviously you have to spend a reasonable amount of money to become normal and fully functional.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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