Dear Dr. Bhardwejj,

I am a 54 year old female and have had asthma for the past 36 years. I am using aerocort inhaler for the asthma. I have used homeopathy and my asthma had been in control and my use of inhalers have gone down.

However my current issue is hypothyroidism and I have been suffering for the past 5 years. I have used arsenicalb 30c for a month now but it did not help me at all.

My symptoms are:
1. Water retention
2. Swelling of entire body
3. Sever right shoulder pain - mostly during evenings and early mornings
4. I easily bruise
5. Depression
6. Skin rashes - a lot of foods are giving me skin rashes, the skin irritation has increased since I have come to US and I have been here for the past one and a half year.
      - No matter what I eat or drink - for example chicken, onions, milk, coffee, tea - my body immediately bloats and I feel tightness above my abdomen, chest and neck area. I am also getting rash on the skin around my abdomen and it's quite itchy, however there is no liquid oozing out of it when I scratch. To decrease the severity I am taking Lycopodium 30c and allegra.
7. Swollen ankles
8. Hands & feet are cold
9. Weight gain
10. Weakness
11. Brittle nails
12. Low metabolism
13. Dry hair and skin

I was thinking of using thyroidinum - will this be fine. Could you please suggest a proper homeopathic medication for me.

Thank you

Dear Ms. Anjali,

You seem quite knowledgeable about homeopathy ! however based on what you have described I feel you need proper constitutional treatment and symptomatic treatment based on physical manifestation would not be enough. Any of the thousands of remedies selected based on you constitution has the ability to help with all the symptoms you have described.

I would suggest that you take proper treatment from a good homeopath of your choice where the homeopath takes time to interview you in details and understands all mental, general, historic and pathological details and prescribes a remedy based on that and follows up on regular basis.

I wish you the very best and a speedy recovery !


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