QUESTION: Dear Dr. Prasad,

Iam taking SBL Pharma's NIXOCID Tablets for acidity and indigestion problems. This contains, NAT PHOS, LYCO, CARBO VEG AND ROBINIA.

My question is, supposing i want to take Sulphur 200, than can i take it continuing tablet NIXOCID, or should i stop NIXOCID. Because LYCOPODIUM and SULPHUR are incompatable remedies. And Nixocid contains Lyco.

Kindly advice.


ANSWER: Dear Ashish,
         It all depends upon whether you are taking Sulphur as an acute or a constitutional prescription. I say so, because patent products do not really follow all the homeopathic principles. They are organ-specific or disease-specific medications. Thus, it is like using homeopathic medicines allopathically. If Sulphur has been selected on the basis of the totality of all your symptoms, you should stop taking the patent product. However, if you are taking it to cover just one of your symptoms, you can take it along with the same. People tend to worry about the incompatability of remedies. There is nothing to worry about. It's just that two remedies that are similar in action can nullify or reduce the other's effects. In fact, Lycopodium is referred to in the Materia Medica books as 'Vegetable Sulphur.' Thank you.

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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Prasad,

Just 5 days back i had 3-4 very loose stools in the morning, for which i took Podophyllum 1M every 4 hrly.

With this motions came under control and were normal from next day. But to my notice, i observed that with Podophyllum 1M my appetite also improved very much.

Now since i dont have loose motions problem, still can i continue taking Podophyllum 1M every 4 hrly to keep my appetite and bowel movements normal ? I feel this medicine is really helping my digestion problem. Is there any harm taking one particular medicine for prolonged period ?



Dear Ashish,
         Homeopathic medicines are absolutely safe and can be taken for prolonged periods. However, it is always better to take the medicines off and on as required, because homeopathic medicines act by stimulating the body to heal itself. So, I think, even if you stop the medicine now, your appetite will not drop. Just give it a shot, and do let me know. Thank you.


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