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Homeopathy/peyronies developed due to priapism caused by viagra


QUESTION: hell doctor,
i have a long medical history, to make story short, i had very little vitiligo, but it got cured by homeopathic medicin of dr shah, i had ed so i took viagra, my erection last longer than 4 hours, i took viagra 5 months ago, but i came to know about priapism now... i donz feel any scar tissue in my penis but i doubt that my curvature is caused by priapism... what you suggest?
and please suggest me homeopathic medicin according to my condition....

ANSWER: Dear Karan,
         It is very unlikely that sildenafil will cause Peyronie's disease. However, it can certainly lead to priapism, and if you try and restrict the erection, so that people around you do not realize that you are having one, this could lead to curving of the penis over a period of time. Asfor the scar tissue, it doesn't need to be large enough to be felt. Even small fibrotic areas can cause your penis to develop a curvature. However, if this is not interfering with your ability to indulge in normal sexual intercourse, you need not worry and can simply leave it alone. If you want, you can take Thiosinaminum 30C and Silicea 12X, 4 pills thrice daily for a month. Gently massaging the shaft of your penis with warm castor oil in the direction opposite to that of the curvature may help too, but avoid stimulating the head of your penis, as this will quite obviously lead to arousal and masturbation each time. Thank you.

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QUESTION: hello sir... thanks for ur reply...
sir i had mild ed... but when i lay down on my back, then i get proper erection... i am little confused because as i stand up i loose my erection... what type of ed is that?
and sir for my peyronies(bent penis) problem i am thinking to use a penis extender for my curvature problem...
sir can my peyronies lead to ed?
what u say about penil extender? will it be safe to use edtender device?
and can you recommend one to me?

Dear Karan,
         You may try a penis extender if you wish, but if you use it roughly and injure yourself, you could land up worsening your condition. I suggest that you see an andrologist before trying any such device by yourself. There are research papers on the use of such devices, but I feel it is best that you allow a doctor to apply it for you. If used with the right amount of force, it may be of help to you. As for your erectile dysfunction, if you experience normal erections on lying on your back, you are most probably not suffering from any organic problem. Anyway, exercising vigorously every day will help to improve the overall blood circulation in your body, and can even correct your erectile dysfunction if the problem is circulatory in nature. Thank you.


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