I have a 26 year old son who is suffering from severe pain.  He feels his spine is bending and he over compensates by bending backwards.  Also feels his ribs are stiffening.  We have checked for A.S. and he does not appear to have any markers for this.  
He has had all the allergy testing and has tried various food elimination diets.  None seem to have worked.

Dear Jan,

Unless there is a real muscular stiffness or structural problem, then these sensations may be an illusion. IS that possible? Where exactly is the pain? In the back? Chest? Spine?

You may want to consult an osteopath or a chiropractor that practices a variety of techniques like Network Chiropractic or others. This type of assessment may be more thorough than a medical exam and x-rays.

Why would an allergy present as tension in the spine and ribs- does he have allergy symptoms as well?
Does he exercise the muscles?
To give a better solution, I'd have to know more about his case since this is not a simple everyday situation.

There are different remedies for physical problems or for mental or illusory problems. Here are some possibilities:

Sensation that his spine is bent back- Magnesia c. (this is the opposite to what he says but epsom salts help with muscle pain and they are made out of magnesium. Applying magnesium oil to the muscle area also helps relax it).
As if back were drawn forward - X-rays (yes, there is such a remedy and we use it to clear the adverse effects of x-rays, among other things - has he had many for other reasons or for this?)
Ribs stiffening: Natrum phos.
Chest feeling drawn together: Nux v.

There is Arnica cream or ointment to help with muscle pain. And there are hundreds of remedies that help with pain in the body, but to pick one we need to know the kind of pain, where it is felt and more details about it.

Arnica, Ruta or Rhus t. are good general remedies for muscle pain, stiffness, sprains etc.

Remedies are sold and used in particular strengths called potencies. A 30C or 200C is a good one to try if you want to try one remedy or another for this. I suggest you actually get a consultation with a homeopath who can get all details and pick a specific remedy and dosage that will be most useful for your son.

YOu mentioned anxiety, but I see mostly pain and muscle problems in your questions.



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