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I have been working with a homeopath. Unfortunately I cannot speak to him again until tomorrow. We were treating some chronic conditions and then a few days ago I came down with acute fly like symptoms.
At first he prescribed that I use bryonia 30c for 10 doses and then go to 31c. Then after 2 days the symptoms changed so he suggested I take arsenicum album 30c 10 times. After following those directions, I woke up yesterday feeling much better. I felt good through most of the day and then at night the chest congestion returned.

Upon waking this morning, not able to speak to my homeopath I was very confused about how to proceed today. I had a wet cough. I decided to take 1 dose of bryonia. It didn't seem to do much. So a couple hours later I decided I should go back to arsenicum album. I took a dose at 30c. Then a couple hours after that I took a dose at 31c.

The problem is since doing this I have read that arsenicum album is s somewhat dangerous remedy. My main concern now, is:
Have I done anything dangerous by my described usage of asrenicum album?

Dean Sean,
         Please do not worry. The element arsenic is a poison, but the homeopathic medicine prepared from the same is absolutely nontoxic, as it doesn't contain even a single molecule of the original substance in it. That is the beauty of homeopathic remedies. They are merely bioenergies of toxic substances that are just about powerful to stimulate the natural defenses of the body. In fact, that is the reason why our allopathic brethren consider homeopathic medicines to be placebos, and think that we homeopaths are only fooling our patients by playing on their psyche. However, this is not true, as our medicines work even in infants and animals, both of which do not know what is being given to them. Homeopathy is now being explained logically on the basis of molecular memory and quantum physics. Coming back to your case, Bryonia is a remedy that is better suited to dry rather than wet cough. Arsenicum album is a great medicine for the common cold. You need to take 4 pills of it in the 200C potency up to 6 times daily for 3 to 5 days. You should stop the medicine the moment you feel better, as your body will have already started to fight the infection. Repeat the medicine thereafter only if required again. It is good if you can share your symptoms with your homeopath, as there are many homeopathic drugs for flu, and the prescription will change depending on your signs and symptoms. Thank you.  


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