QUESTION: Dear Dr. Prasad,

Iam writing my problem as per the instructions given pointwise :

1. Asthma, Indigestion, Loss of appetite problem since childhood.
Aggravates by cold drinks, ice-creams, fruits, rainy season and dust mites
2. As per point 1.
3. Associated with loss of appetite, indigestion, loose motions,  constipation
4. Very poor appetite. Sometimes absolutely loss of appetite. No thirst or very less thirst
5. I like sweets very much, also sour things.
6. Many times IBS. No bladder problem
7. Sleep ok
8. Some times dreams of urinating
9. Very short tempered. Anxiety always there, especially when going out of house, with fear of loose motions
10. Sexual feeling has become very less. No desire of sex
11. No surgery. Endoscopy done for Stomach, but was found to be normal. Suffered from malaria 15 yrs back. Mild eczema on the left side of cheek. Sometimes itching.
12. Father suffering from asthma at the age of 48.

Please tell my which remedy should i take for the above problems. Right now  my biggest problem is indigestion, asthma, frequent sneezing with running nose, then resulting in yellow-green mucus.

I think asthma and sneezing is also due to indigestion



ANSWER: Dear Ashish,
         I suggest that you start off with two remedies: Arsenicum album 30C and Kalium sulfuricum 6X. Preferably buy a 30 ml sealed bottle of the former in liquid form. The latter always comes sealed anyway. Take 5 drops from the former in 2 teaspoons of water twice daily and 4 tablets of the latter twice daily for 15 days. Then, please get back to me with your response to the treatment. I will advise you accordingly after that. Thank you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Dr. Prasad,

As per your prescription iam taking Ars alb 30 and Kali sulph 6x since last 15 days.

Asthma and sneezing is under control but stomach is not improving. Digestion is extremely slow. I have to eat in very very less quantity, otherwise my stomach gets upset.

Other problem is that i dont get motions regularly and daily. 2-3 days there is no motion, and then there are frequent stools or loose motions. It means whatever i eat gets accumulated in the intestines. There is no proper assimilation of food in the stomach, because of which my weight is also not improving.

Kindly suggest remedy for proper assimilation of food and digestion. This problem is even more than my Asthma problem.



Dear Ashish,
         Please continue with Arsenicum album in the same way; and instead of Kalium sulphuricum, switch to Calcarea phosphoricum 6X, 4 tablets thrice daily, for 15 days. Let us see if your digestive and sexual complaints respond to this remedy. Thank you.


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