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Homeopathy/disturb of penis hardness


Asslam Alaikum.
My age 28 years
Previously, there use to be erections often like in the early morning and at the time of watching some erotic stuff. However, there is less desire of watching them now but at the same time, the sexual urge is also less and the erection is also less and penis is very small and loose.Do not hardness my penis.
And even if you do get one minute after the raw water becomes soft. I am very emotional person and get upset very easily, which is affecting my sex life. Please can you look into this and advise so that I can have rock hard erections, delayed ejaculation and get back my normal size.
Injury:Yes anal fistula
Other detail:not improve my digestive system.
In the past, complaining of  cystitis in bladder.I feel that my urine flow is low but urine D/R Report is normal.
and something depression , dust Allergic & cold
Please tell me any homeopathic dilution increase penis size ,hardness & sex Power permanent cure remains of old age.

ANSWER: Dear Sameer,
         You are very young, so the possibility that your decreased sexual desire is of psychological origin is greater. Yet, to be on the safer side, do get yourself examined by an andrologist, get your semen analysis done, and your serum testosterone level estimated. This way, we will be able to rule out any organic pathology. In the meanwhile, please start with the following medicines: Silicea 30C, 4 pills twice daily for 15 days; and Withania somnifera Q, 15 drops in half a glass of water, thrice daily for 15 days. Please ensure that you eat healthy food and exercise regularly to keep your body fit. Thank you.  

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QUESTION: Sir mene andrologist se Rabta kiya tha unho ne mere semen k test bi karaya tha.meri Report Normal AAi thi Un ka ans tha Everything Ok.or AAp ko kuch masla nahi Aap kisi herbal se consultant karo wo Aap ko nuksan bi nahi dain gi dawaian or aap ka sex K sub masla solve hojaen ge old age tak Aap ko koi medicine laina nahi pare gi.unka kehna tha agar hum ne apko dawai di to thori boht jo takat hai us se bi jao ge english dawai use mat karna.
phir mere dost ne Aapki website bata k in se councultant karlo mujhe bi boht faida hua tha.
Note: sir mujhe night fall bi 6 month baad hota hai sir plese
mera case study kar ke mujhe Aisa sex power course bataen k mujhe old age tak sex weakness na ho.

Dear Sameer,
         Please do not worry. If all your physicals are normal, you will be fine. Continue with the medicines that I have prescribed for you and follow my advice in relation to your diet and exercise too. You will get better. Thank you.


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