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QUESTION: Dear dr,
My husband has been sick for a week with a urinary tract infection. I have treated him with Benz Ac.. He had fever alternating with chills, urine smelling of ammonia and other symptoms.  His temperature became normal and his energy got good.  He had frequency of urination at night from 2am onwards. His bladder was retaining urine after urination and he had to use a cathader to empty.
It still smelled of ammonia.
I gave him thuja 200c. The odor went away but his left testicle became swollen and inflamed. It is not painful except when touched, then it is a stitching pain up into the body. He still has frequent urination at night, does not empty the bladder fully and has to use cathader.  They are symptoms of orchitis.  Can you suggest some remedies as he doesn't want to take antibiotics. Thank you. Anne

ANSWER: Dear Anne,

I suggest please get your husband to write about his condition in his own words. in homeopathy the exact words and expressions of a patient can give clues to the remedy.

best wishes,

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QUESTION: Those were his words as he relayed them to me. I understand that the words of the  patient are very important.

ANSWER: Ok, please ask him why doesn't he wants to take antibiotics ?


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QUESTION: Dear Aryev,
He had a bronchial infection a month ago took an antibiotic and steroids. He doesn't want to take another one as he thinks it weakens his immune system and says the government are trying to kill us all with pesticides and poisons in our food. He watches his diet carefully and thinks the government and medical community are conspiring to reduce the population.  He was exposed to agent orange in Korea and knows he is at risk for prostate cancer as he has A typical cancer cells so he does his best to reduce the amount of toxins he puts in his body.
I hope this helps.!
Thank you for any help you can give with a remedy.

Dear Anne,

I suggest try a single dose of Pulsatilla (30); split into 3 parts with 30 minute intervals  - take a single globule of Pulsatilla (30), dissolve it in half a cup of water. Give him 1/3rd now, another 1/3rd in half hour and the third 1/3rd in another half hour... If you like follow up with me in a day or so with an update, esp. is any change in his symptoms

best wishes.


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