My 57 year old wife took Quebracho 4x and Vanadium 6c for black mold allergy. She was having difficulty breathing due to base of lung inflammation. The remedies were taken 3 doses daily for 3 days in early February. Palpitations started in mid February and continue each morning. They start as soon as she wakes up. Initially  she only heard them in her right ear but now she hears them in both ears. They are louder in the right ear. They are worse from lying down.  Is it possible that she is experiencing an aggravation from one or both remedies? Is there an antidote? Thank you.

Dear Joseph,
         It is very unlikely that Vanadium 6C would cause any such effects as it is in the 6C potency; however, Quebracho 4X is close to its crude form. It is used in higher homeopathic potencies to treat palpitations, as it is capable of causing palpitations in crude form. I suggest that you ask your wife to stop it immediately. you can wait and watch for a week to see if the symptoms subside on their own. If not, to antidote its effects, you can give her 4 pills of Quebracho 200C every night for a week. Please do keep me informed. Thank you.  


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