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Homeopathy/Sexual problems with nervous disorders


QUESTION: Sir, I am 35 years old male.Ten years ago, I had masturbated a lot and at some point of time of masturbation,I lost erectile power and suffer from severe erectile dysfunction now.When I maturbated I got a blow in my neck i.e., between my head and shoulders.There was also swelling in my hip and it took more than 10 days to become normal again.I am unable to explain this to any doctors whom I met.I think there was a blow in my vertebral column which starts from my backside of my head and lost coordination between my head and genitals.I have muscle twitching in my legs,hip.Please suggest me some medicines for my problem.


ANSWER: Hello,
     Please note that what you experienced is a very normal phenomenon. During ejaculation, practically all men having a peculiar sensation in the back, which is accompanied by twitching of the lower extremities. You are perfectly normal. Since you say that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction as a result of sexual excesses, you can try the homeopathic remedy Acidum phosphoricum in the 30C potency, taking 4 pills thrice daily for a month. Please do keep me informed. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Sir, I took the medicine Acid Phos 30c and found no improvement after taking it for 12 days.I want to know if homeopathy really works ?. Why I ask you this question is because I have watched so many videos on the youtube saying it does'nt work more than a Placebo.They say it is just water similar to a tap water. I came to know about this only in the last week.Last week,after reviewing 225 research papers on homeopathy, a top Australian body for medical research has concluded that 'Homeopathy is not effective in treating any medical conditions' and has left upto the people at their own risk, they may take it for their health problems.Please don't mistake me and reply me.


ANSWER: Hello,
     Please note that researchers have equated homeopathic medicines to placebo, because they have attempted to estimate its efficacy using allopathic yardsticks. Unlike allopathy, which advocates the use of a single remedy for a particular disease for all patients suffering from that condition, homeopathy necessitates individualization; i.e. 10 patients with the same disease may require 10 different medicines depending on not only their signs and symptoms, but also their temperament, constitution, and other attributes. If homeopathy had a placebo effect, it would not have worked even in animals and infants, who do not know what is being given to them. Further, to expect results in 12 days for a problem that has developed after years of sexual excesses is like expecting a medicine to work magically. Further, please note that constitutional homeopathic treatment is beyond the scope of an online consultation. What I prescribe here are specific remedies, so that people develop faith in this system of healing, which is not only efficacious, but also safe. If you really wish to experience classical homeopathy, you should see a homeopath close to you. A classical homeopath would spend between one to two hours with you during the first consultation for recording your case history and prescribe a single drug after completely analyzing and evaluating your case. Thank you.

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   My last post has 2 questions to you.I told you, I took the medicine Acid Phos 30c and found no improvement after taking it for 12 days which is the 1st one and that which proceeds it is the 2nd one.I don't link those 2 questions to you.Also,I know that I can't expect an improvement in 12 days time.I forgot to tell you that I already got a treatment for this problem from a homeopath who holds B.H.M.S and M.D in it.I got the treatment from him for the past 1& 1/2 years in chennai and have not obtained any improvement.I did'nt get any good results even after having the treatment for 1 & 1/2 years.Like you said,he asked me so many question and based on which the remedy was chosen.Unfortunately, all those medicines that were given for my problem did'nt work for my problem.In the post previous to my last post to you, I told you my health problem,for that you replied me by saying that I was perfectly Normal.

  I think if allopathic doctors or scientists blame or think that "Homeopathy there's nothing in it".Then, I ask the Homeopaths all over the world should try to prove that Homeopathy really Works and make them not to speak against it by providing them a scientific proof.If it is done, they won't speak against Homeopathy at all.Most particularly, James Randi can't make fun over Homeopathy and he would get defeated if Homeopathy is proved to work. why they are not doing so ?.Just believing that Homeopathy works does'nt make sense.

I posted the last question to you to know more about this and not to make fun over it.

Thank You,


     Please note that I wasn't offended at all about your question, as I knew that you weren't making fun of homeopathy. It's just that you did not see good results and hence failed to have faith in the science. I firmly believe that every science has its benefits and limitations. A lot of patients come to us homeopaths after having tried allopathy and having got unsatisfactory results. Under these circumstances, expecting miracles from us wouldn't be fair. Anyway, I also feel that it is the homeopath who fails and not homeopathy. So, if you had a bad experience with one homeopath, you shouldn't lose faith in it completely. It will be advisable for you to find out about a good homeopath in your city from friends and relatives. Do not get carried away by the MD qualification in homeopathy, as it is only of academic value. The principles of practice of homeopathy remain the same, irrespective of whether the doctor is a graduate or a post-graduate. Also, please do not trust doctors who advertise themselves and get famous. Most of them are merely quacks who know how to market themselves well. Thank you.  


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