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Homeopathy/General dehydration, hormonal problems and sexual fluids


Hello dear Dr.Chandragiri,

I am 33m, healthy guy.

I have really big problems with dehydration.
My skin, mouth, nose, guts, nails, hair are all always dry and irritations with my skin are my reality of life.
I am very dry with my sexual organs, the skin of my penis and I do not produce any precum. This issue with precum suffers me the most, because it makes difficult to have a sexual life without condoms and lubricants, which all chemical compunds and I have allergy to most of them.
I drink at least 3 Litres of water everyday, I consume unsaturated fats like coconut oil etc. I have a very healthy diet.

My hormones are also very weak. my Thyroids are alwasy low, TSH normal.
FSH, LH, testesterone, and other masculine hormones are under the range.

I receive testesteron therapy but it does not help so much.

I have recently learned about homeopathic therapy and bought some Natrium Chloratum D6 tablets, I want to know if is there any method to hydrate my innner body parts as well as outer organs?

production of precum is very important to me does homeopathic therapy has something to do to moist the gonads and make them secrete their fluids more?

Does homepathic therapy makes mucosa more moist, inside the mouth?  guts? nose and urethra?

I tale vitamin D capsules is it ok ?

I heard about mucosa compositum ampules, are they to hydrate the gonads or to dehydrate the overproduction, there is so less info about them.

Please help me with my questions.


Dear Adam,
         If your thyroid gland is underfunctioning, that is probably why you are experiencing so much dryness. It will be advisable for you to see a homeopath close to you for constitutional treatment. This is more likely to help you in the long run rather than specifics. If you wish to try specifics first, I suggest that you continue with Natrium chloratum D6, taking 4 tablets thrice daily for 2 to 3 months. You can also take Calcarea muriaticum 30C, taking 4 pills thrice daily for a month. If you can learn and practice yogasanas, meditation, and pranayama, it will greatly help you to improve naturally. Thank you.  


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