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Respected Sir,
         I am an old man and  a believer in Homeopathy.For my 6 year old grandson I want to maintain with Homeopathy.But one problem I am facing that with rising fever(normal for a child)even the Homeopaths recommend Allopathy Medicine Paracetamol to reduce the fever.My question is whether there is really  no good Homeopathy Anti Pyretic Medicine to reduce the fever,so that frquent use of Paracetamol can be avoided ,as it damages the liver with regular uses.
    Kindly intimate with the dosage instruction.With thanks

     Frankly speaking, you don't find any specific antipyretics in homeopathy, because this science does not believe in treating the effect of a disease. It attempts to treat the cause instead, so that the effect goes away on its own. Fever is a response of the body to try and fight the pathogenic organisms. Most patients cannot tolerate high fever, as it is associated with a lot of weakness, the body using up a lot of its resources in the process. In children, high fever can lead to febrile convulsions. Hence, all doctors, including homeopaths, press the panic button if the fever increases beyond 101 degrees Fahrenheit and ask the patients to use an allopathic antipyretic like paracetamol. Even I would do the same, as one cannot afford to play with any patient's life. Please do not worry. A good homeopath will be able to bring down the fever with homeopathic remedies in most situations, provided the correct remedy is selected. The use of specifics such as Arsenicum album, Gelsemium sempervivum, Ferrum phosphoricum, etc. can help in about 50% of the cases. They need to be given in the 200 or 1M potency very frequently, like 6 to 8 times in a day till the fever subsides. The correct way of prescribing in homeopathy is by matching the entire disease picture with the drug picture. That is precisely why some homeopaths fail to see good results. They don't really bother to individualize every case and try to treat patients allopathically using homeopathic remedies, i.e. they use their favorite specifics most of the times to save time and energy. The truth is that ten patients with flu may need ten different homeopathic remedies to cure them. For example, a patient with high fever, weakness that is way out of proportion, dry cough, thirst for sips of water, and watery motions will respond to Arsenicum album; whereas, another patient with aches and pains in the joints, restlessness, and skin rashes is more likely to respond to Rhus toxicondendron. So, in such matters, let the homeopath decide, based on his or her skill as well as the condition of the patient. Thank you.


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