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Respected Sir,
         I am an old man and  a believer in Homeopathy.For my 6 year old grandson I want to maintain with Homeopathy.But one problem I am facing that with rising fever(normal for a child)even the Homeopaths recommend Allopathy Medicine Paracetamol to reduce the fever.My question is whether there is really  no good Homeopathy Anti Pyretic Medicine to reduce the fever,so that frquent use of Paracetamol can be avoided ,as it damages the liver with regular uses.
    Kindly intimate with the dosage instruction.With thanks

Dear Mr. Kalyan,

In homeopathy there are many medicines that work well for fever, but the selection depends upon homeopathic principles of proper case taking and homeopathic prescribing.

Please send his symptoms and I will do my best to help you.

best wishes,


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