Dear sir,

my age is 25 years and my weight is 66kg ,my problem is whenever I see or think some sexually attractive pictures and tv program's or talk to my girl friend. something transparent liquid comes out from my penis .

I have done masturbation in excess from the very early age and I am also suffering from premature ejaculation .

I am getting marry this year only sir please suggest me a good medicine.

I have a problem of frequent urination if i drink too much water.

my appetite is ok. and sometimes i feel too much weakness and and after eating breakfast sometimes i feel to vomit. and after eating lunch i feel to sleep.

Few months back i had an stone operation. stone was so big it was in the ureter below the kidney. and was 14 mm. in size.

this problem was cured 2 years back when i took on my own acid phos 30c 4 pallets a day 3 times  for a month. i read about it i think it is sexual excesses or spermatorrea.

I feel due to this medicine that stone occurs is it possible?

please help me sir suggest me a good medicine.

thanks and regards


Around 2 years back I have taken acid phos 30 c 4 pallets 3 times a day for sexual excesses .

Dear Prashant,you are welcome

You are normal and there is nothing to worry about. The only thing you should practice, is to control your emotions while talking with girls and don't get involved too much in sexual activities. Avoid unnecessary medication.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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