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I have had a cough for about 9 years and I have never smoked in my life. After seeing numerous doctors, each stated that my lungs were clear and I did not have any sinus issues. One doctor determined it was due to acid reflux. He advised me to take Nexium and prop up my pillows and avoid certain foods. I do not suffer any stomach issues,no pain or discomfort. I don't suffer from heartburn and I don't regurgitate my food, I just cough. I do feel mucous in my throat.I don't cough at all when I am asleep. It is worse after eating certain types of foods, dairy, bread or after an occasional soft drink. I have noticed that when I did a cleanse of strictly vegetables my cough reduced significantly. In addition, when I stopped taking the Nexium my cough seemed worse. I have tried DGL Licorice and slippery elm. The DGL Licorice hasn't caused any problems. Yet, when I take the slippery elm I cough even more. It is a dry cough, no mucous.  I do consume a probiotic and aloe vera juice. Am I on the right path with the DGL Licorice and the slipper elm?

     Yes, if your cough is related to acid reflux, Licorice will be of help. If slipper elm doesn't suit you, please stop it. I would recommend homeopathic Natrum phosphoricum 6X, 4 tablets thrice daily for a month instead, as it is absolutely safe. It will naturally reduce the hyperacidity and decrease the reflux. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will always help you as they are alkaline in nature. Thank you.


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