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QUESTION: Hello sir.....
         I have got marriage on 3/5/15. Feel
good experience on first golden night but second night
No erection and no stimulation and feel very bad
So what is this sir.....
Third and fourth night I took megalise-20
1).Should I improve my stimulation , if yes then how?
2).what I do for mantain erection on intercourse time.
         Past view
( I am taking homeopathy medicine last 3 month for erection problem and premature ejaculation problem in which I am taking many medicine so something are:-
Selenium 3x,6x
Damaigra drops
And many more by physician
So what should I do for
Stimulaion and for next

I don't want to take megalise-20 something like that
So pleaae suggest me

ANSWER: Dear Sunil, hello and welcome

First of all I congratulate you on your marriage. I wish, you both have happy and prosperous life. I am giving you a very sincere advice. You condition is very temporary phase and it will go away very soon, so please donít worry. Now please read the following lines very carefully.

1.   Temporary effect of the medicines shows that you are physically normal.

2.   As per my understanding, you condition is due to excitement, nervousness, over embarrassment and lack of confidence. Plus, too eager to have sex, HURRY and IMPATIENCE.

3.   You have been overly intimidated that sex is something which requires some special power. It is a common observation that in nature no animal, bird, snake, lizard etc take sex pills. So why do you need such a medicine? What has happened to you?

4.   You should clearly understand it in your mind that you are absolutely normal and at par with your spouse. There is absolutely no need to worry. Have confidence in you, and you will feel yourself absolutely normal.

5.   In my professional life I have never given any medicine to anyone for this purpose. I think it is a very cheap way of earning money, because it is not a disease. BELEAVE ME you have no problem, except unnecessary fear and lack of confidence.

6.   You should stop taking all kind of medicines for this purpose. Inadvertent use of these medicines will harm your health.

7.   However, in spite of your best efforts, if you cannot stabilize your condition and still feel impotent, then you will need proper homeopathic treatment for your deep seated psychological issues. It will restore your sexual health permanently.

Best wishes,
Dr. Sultan Mahmud
May 13, 2015

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello sir...
         Thank u sir for give me advice and I am followig this. Now my erection is well by homeopathy.
But one more suggetion give me please......,
when I see nude movie ,thought about sex and talk with wife on mobile
Then penise erect and after erection seman ejaculation and erection imidiatly loose.
So It is normal or not....
Please give me advise......
Thank u sir.

Hello Sunil,

It is just like when you see or smell some tasty food your mouth begins to water. Your condition is quite normal. The only thing you have to do is to control your emotions, and donít over indulge in sexual talks or activities.

Good luck,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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