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QUESTION: Hello sir
         You know very well my problem and I have got married on 3/5/15
My problem is that before marriage my stimulation is high and after marriage there is no stimulation so what is this ......

ANSWER: Dear Sunil,

Yes I remember you. Please explain what do you mean by 'no stimulation' ?

best wishes

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QUESTION: Dear sir
         Sir, before marriage when I talk with girlfriend or wife then some stimulation become ans seman  ejaculate from penise and erect also . . . . .
   But after marriage when talk with wife then situation totally change
Now no erection and stimulation is zero .
Some time when I sleep erection held automaticaly mostly morning time

when I discuss my problem with u then I get more support . You are best adviser  
Please discuss my case give me suggetions  for my life.

Thank u sir

ANSWER: Dear Sunil,

This is normal - Marriage is much more than just sexual and romantic experience. It is about companionship , responsibility and building future generations. Try to build a relationship based on mutuality, friendship and love and care with your wife and sexuality arising out of that will come automatically and will be much more pleasurable.

Also devote some time in things as Yoga and meditation every day so your connection to God is nourished on the regular basis. That gives real happiness - happiness of the soul which is higher than anything else in this world.

best wishes

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QUESTION: Hello sir
         sir when I see adult movies , think about sex or talk with wife then  during period seman ejac
ulate from penis so it is harmful or not please give me advice.

Dear Sunil,

When one is sexually aroused a pre-ejaculatory viscous liquid is generated from the urethra. Its not semen. It is natural. Its called Cowper's fluid.

If you are concerned about it then you should try to limit exposure to sexually arousing thoughts and images and occupy your mind towards other things such as studies or your work or family or social service projects.

best wishes


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