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Homeopathy/Elevated cholesterol and Triglycerides


QUESTION: Cholesterol - 230
TriGlycerides - 200
LDL - 140
HDL - 49
Height  -183 CMs
Weight - 100 Kg

Doc prescribes Rosuvas 10mg.
My concern is if I start Allopathy medicine it may become a life long treatment.

Is there a better option in homeo, which is short term and permanent?

Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Sirish,

Depending upon the age and time availability you could do things like a healthy diet, balanced exercise and Yoga routine as well as take treatment from a homeopath in your neighbourhood. These things can help quite a bit. Prescribing homeopathic remedies based on very little info is not possible.  

best wishes

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am 44 years male with no other complications or abnormalities except sleep apnea and insomnia, use CPAP machine. I understand from your response that cholesterol elevation requires lifestyle changes.
So given these details do I need to take Allopathy?

I would do Yoga pranayama and lifestyle changes for some time and test it. If it comes down then good if not then you can consider taking treatment to lower the cholesterol.

best wishes


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