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Homeopathy/sexual excesses , spermatorrhea


QUESTION: Hello sir pranam,

My Appetite is ok
Cravings for spicy tasty food
chronic constipation problem with thin stool
No as such Sleep disturbances
No specific dreams
very hyper Mentality/ short Temperament
Premature ejaculation

Dear sir,

I am 25 years old boy and having the habit of masturbation from the very early age to till date.

History of my disease is I have taken phos acid 30 c  last year for the sexual excesses . and got cured for few months now I am having the same problem .

sir, whenever i gets excited my penis release a transparent liquid in a large amount . while talking to a girl or sitting with a girl I feel very much uncomfortable when i my underwear gets wet and that liquid touches to my body.
I am getting marry with my fiance and last week i had a sex with her actually it wasn't a sex , while foreplay just by kissing i got ejaculated and it was so embarrassing for me .

without penetration i got ejaculated and my sperm is also very thin sir please help me i am going to get marry i don't no what will happen to my future please sir help may be she wont marry me after her unsatisfaction .

thanks and regards

ANSWER: Dear Sushant,
         You seem to be suffering from the ill-effects of sexual excesses. About the precum that leaks out whenever you get aroused, that is a very normal phenomenon. Anyway, please start off with Staphysagria 30C, 4 pills thrice daily, for a month. In the meantime, practice abstinence as much as possible, giving in to your sexual desire only when it is at its peak. Your body will gradually come back to normal. Please do keep me posted about your progress. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Dear sir,

Sorry I am disturbing you again I forgot to tell you that  I also feel sleepy after lunch and feeling of  vomiting after breakfast and cant bear the smell of strong fragrances and my anus is sometimes itchy after stool. and my mind always do things in a hurry.

sorry sir I realized it after thinking too much about my self.

and sir I have a second question i heard from my grandparents and from my parents that homeopathy medicine cure the disease from its root forever but I am in a doubt that may be these medicines doesnt have long term in its effects. i feel after few years the disease can fluke any time. is it so?

regards and thanks

thanks and regards

Dear Sushant,
         Homeopathic remedies are extremely gentle and act not by treating the disease, but by stimulating your body to heal itself. That is precisely why people believe that this system of medicine can uproot the disease. However, it is a fact that if a person goes back to his or her old ways of abusing the body, the disease is going to return. Please do not worry. Staphysagria is a polycrest remedy; hence, it will cover your other symptoms too. Thank you.  


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