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QUESTION: Sir, I am Balaji and 36 years old male.I met a person to treat for my Erectile dysfunction problems.I took more no.of doses of Sulphur 1M nearly 13 doses of it.I had each dose once in a week and no.of drops I took was 5 drops of it for my ED problems as advised by a person who I later came to know that he was not a homeopath.Later, I found that this person has no knowledge in Homeopathy.My friend referred me to this person by mistake.I want to nullify its effects now.Will it show any bad effects in the future as it is said to be given only for eczematic skin conditions like Psoriasis,Acne,etc.,.Pl suggest me some remedy to nullify Sulphur 1M effects on my body.



ANSWER: Dear Balaji,
         Please do not worry. Homeopathic medicines are extremely gentle. If the remedy is wrong, it will not act on your body at all. Sulphur is a polycrest remedy, i.e. it has multiple uses, not necessarily restricted to the skin. Further, if any adverse symptoms ever arise, they settle down on their own within a matter of days. If you are still afraid, you can drink a cup of black coffee every day for three days. This will antidote its effects. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Sir, Actually I got a treatment from a forum which provides a free treatment for anyone who needs the treatment.The forum has 4 real Homeopathic doctors and 7 pretending homeopaths.The person who gave me a homeopathic advice is an engineer by profession and a self taught homeopath.But I don't know if he is a good prescriber.This person asked me to answer 52 different qusetions and I too answered it.Finally, he told the remedy was Sulfur 1M.I made a mistake by choosing him for this.I finally told him the improvement was just 15 %.By taking Sulphur 1M ,I got side effects like itching all over my body apart from getting only a little improvement in my problem and I took Cetzine 10 Mg allopathic medicine for a week to control it.This person is handling so many patients there and I don't know what really happens to them.I asked an opinion from a real Homeopathic doctor in that forum for which he replied me saying Sulphur 1M is wrong prescription for my problem and advised me to take Hyocyamus 200 just 3 doses in 15 days.The Moderator of the forum came to know this wrong treatment and threatened me to delete all posts of the treatment and told me he will delete it from his side otherwise.So, I did it.I said to him that my opinion about the treatment cannot be deleted even though I delete the posts.I made a real mistake in choosing a doctor and the reason is due to a free treatment given on that forum.This is why anyone can register into that forum and can give any wrong treatment.But I cannot name that forum to you.Please reply me.

Thank You,


ANSWER: Dear Balaji,
         What happened is definitely sad. There are indeed thousands of laymen homeopaths practicing all over India by only reading a few books. While many of them do prescribe successfully, as homeopathic medicines are immunomodulators and any remedy that is similar to the case is bound to evoke a healing response at least to some extent, practically all of them lack medical training. Homeopathic medicines may be gentle and safe, but the underlying pathology may not be benign all the time. Not diagnosing a patient and going ahead and prescribing for him or her is a dangerous thing to do. I have known of a patient who kept treating himself for piles with homeopathic remedies; and eventually, had to see a surgeon as he wasn't responding well. Unfortunately, by the time he got diagnosed, it was already too late. He was suffering from colorectal cancer and succumbed to it in a matter of months. What these people do not realize is that homeopaths do not get trained for 6 to 8 years for nothing. They are doctors first and homeopaths afterwards. Further, they are taught the scope and limitations of their science too. So, a good homeopath knows exactly when he should refer a patient to his allopathic brethren. After all, one cannot afford to play with human lives. Anyway, you can try what I had suggested. It should help you out. Alternatively, see a qualified homeopath close to you, so that he or she can review your case along with the modified picture and treat you accordingly. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Sir, Thank you for your response and I am happy about it.I did take 3 cups of black coffee i.e.,  pure coffee decoction for 3 days on my empty stomach.Is this enough to antidote Sulphur 1M effects on my body completely or any homeopathic remedy would also be required to serve this.If so, please tell me that remedy also.

Thank You,


Dear Balaji,
         Now that you have taken three cups of black coffee, you should wait and watch for a week or so. If you still have symptoms, you can take three doses of Camphor 1M (one in the morning, the second in the afternoon, and the third in the evening), i.e. only for one day, and then stop. This is considered to be a universal antidote for homeopathic remedies prepared from the mineral kingdom. Thank you.


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