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QUESTION: The left side of the lips do not move properly; the problem is more visible when I need to pronounced some works like P or M or B; etc. Also if I try to hold water in my mouth, the water gets splashed from the left side; the right side can hold the water but the lower right lip is enlarged to do the effort.  In conclusion when I speak , the center of the superior lip is slightly moved to the left side and the lower lips move the right; the right side of the lower lip gets down significantly.
This problem started a week ago; it was developed after having a dental implant done in the lower left and right side; the implants are Ok and there is not inflammation in the face; just the lower part of the face feels a little tender but there is no pain. My main concern is the misalignment in the lips.

Thanks in advance dear doctor for any reply on this matter.


ANSWER: Dear Mon, you are welcome,

Take a dose of Arnica Montana- 1M (one dose only, and wait for about a week). Hopefully it will correct your problem. If not, then you will need proper homeopathic treatment, for which detailed case taking is required.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud
May 7, 2015

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QUESTION: Hi Dear Dr Sultan,

Thanks a lot for your replied.
I am very sorry I forgot to mention that I have been taking Arnica 30c since the day I had the dental treatment.
At the beginning I took 5 per day for 5 days; since the pain disapear and most of the tenderness was alleviated, I have been taking 3 per day. Please let me know how can I proceed. very sorry I forgot to include this important info when I sent the question.Hope to see a reply from you. Thanks a million

Dear Mon, welcome again,

The first thing is that you should stop taking arnica-30. Prolonged use or unnecessary repetition, i.e., over dosing, may cause some other health problems. Now take a single dose of arnica-1M, and wait. If you donít feel relief, then you should not repeat it again. In that case, you must go for a detailed case taking and proper treatment.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud
May 8, 2015


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