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I'm a 44 year old, african american who was a contact lens wearer for many years. Due to wearing contacts long term, my optometrist informed me that my eyes weren't getting enough oxygen. I opted to have Lasik surgery. It has been 12 years and I haven't had any vision problems and no dry eyes. Yet, my eyes are not white. My eyes tend to stay on the red side or less white. My eyes do not have a yellow hue. I've seen an ophthalmologist as well and my eyes are healthy. I live in an area with high humidity and heat and when the area reaches high temps, my eyes get even redder.  Can I get my eyes whiter? Is there anything I can do to maintain eye health? Thank you.

     There are two homeopathic medicines that could be of help in your situation. You can take Ruta graveolens 30C, 4 pills twice daily; and instill 2 drops of Euphrasia (alcohol-free) eye drops, twice daily for a month. Let us see if you respond to these remedies. They are absolutely safe and should be of benefit. Some individuals tend to perpetually have red eyes due to a chronic lack of sleep. I hope you are sleeping enough. Thank you.


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