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Dear Doctor,
I am a 34 years old unmarried in habit of masturbate frequently (monthly 2 times approx)  since past 20 years (I left it for months than again start), feeling problem in penis on  the head part of the penis I feeling its becoming very less sensitive from the tip to below one inch as  there is almost none sensitivity,  and in non erectile condition it looks like there is crack in it and looks like in two parts one is normal and one from tip to below one inch its thick like tissue swelled  and looks dead also it can bend to upside like a broken pipe, also the upper part stay twisted always in non erectile condition to left side. but in erectile condition crack not visible, and in erect position my penis is also bend to left side. I don’t remembering any injury on penis but since beginning my penis get hard very soon even sometime without any sexual though am feeling less hardness in erectile condition and ejaculate very soon in 1 min only. I never experience any pain in penis. I used to wear very tight underwear’s and as I said I feel erect with no reason so I adjust it in my tight underwear.
Please let me know what kind of disease I am suffering of & suggest me a good medication. Also please note that I have below symptoms
•   I am having problem in urinating like dribbling urine after urinating. delayed urine flow, Involuntary urination when coughing or sneezing, I have to sit n wait for urinating, it comes intermittently.
•   Numbness in penis from tip to below one inch part
•   Tip to below one inch of penis looks thicker than the normal part and  twisted left side always in non erectile condition
•   Ejaculate very early and sometime without full erection. And when I watch some adult movies I discharge quickly and without erection.
•   Feeling small pain in my right testicle and also I feel some pain in right side veins connecting to testicle.
•   I am experiencing serious memory lack in past 6 -8 months. Also feeling eyes weakness. Pimples also come and go since 20 years of my age.
•   I feel weak very soon and can not walk too much feel pain in knees and back bone.
•   My diet is ok, digestion is good, Sleep is good never see dreams.
•   I want to leave my masturbate habits completely. I masturbates frequently & seeks solitude to masturbate sometime.
•   I don’t take tea or coffee but when I take I cannot sleep even whole night I feel urge to masturbate after taking tea or coffee in night.
•   I am quite, introvert, Lack of self-confidence, don’t like much talking,Stay away from social situations, public meeting and public appearances. Not easily mix up with people. Anxiety of an exam, an interview, presentation.
•   I feel very confuse and cannot talk even with general things my mind think some else and I speak something else. Cannot express my verdict in words.
•   I had ear surgery long time back.
•   Family history of diseases/surgery
Father has high BP and mother has regular headache, stress, depression, always worry over little things, always tense.

Looking forward your expertise advice for disease info and medication.

Thanking you in advance & obliged to the website to provide this convenient mode of expertise advice on health problems.


Dear Log,
        Please get yourself examined by a doctor to find out if there is some structural problem with your penis. As for the curvature, that is very common; hence, you need not worry about it so long as it does not affect your ability to indulge in sexual intercourse. It is perfectly okay for you to masturbate occasionally just to vent your pent up sexual energies. Masturbation is a natural and normal phenomenon. However, always remember that anything done in excess can prove to be deleterious. As for all your other symptoms, I suggest that you try the homeopathic remedy Acidum picricum in 30C potency, taking 4 pills thrice daily for 15 days. Thereafter, please tell me if you are any better. Thank you.


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