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Dear Dr. Chandragiri,
For some reason I am not able to follow up my earlier questions.
I am copying my earlier question here.

  QUESTION: I am 32 years old. I had typhoid Ten years ago and I was hospitalized for that, and from that time onward,
I have the problem of ejaculation without erection.
Still I used to get good erection, but it used to ejaculate early.
But the problem has changed to erectile dysfunction. I ejaculate without almost any erection now. I got excited very soon, without almost no erection, and then ejaculate.
I tried to stop ejaculation by pressing the kegel muscle, which in fact made the situation worse.
I do not masturbate too often, but in those scenarios, the erection is almost negligible, and then leads to ejaculation.
I sometimes have night time discharges without knowledge and erection, and sometimes semen comes out during stool or urinating.
If I masturbate, the semen is thick and dribbles, but produces back-ache and pain in testicle.
I feel extremely weak after ejaculation, which lasts days.
I get morning erection which is very hard, but it goes away as soon as I awake or is aware of it.

My appetite is normal, I do not have thirst problem, but I usually try to drink a lot of water.
I like both spicy, sweet, and sour. I very rarely have problem with stool, and most of the time I do not need to sit for stool for more than a minute.
I did not have sleep disturbance, but currently, I am having little bit insomnia.
I dream, but most often I forgot immediately after I woke up.
I get angry very soon. I am little bit sensitive in nature. I am introvert in nature.
I have a good built and good weight.
I have issue with painful urination if I do not drink 'huge' amount of water.

My Mom has diabetes.

Please help me. This is diminishing my self-confidence to a great extent.

ANSWER: Dear Chandan,
        Please get your blood sugar tested to rule out diabetes in your case too, since you say that your mother is a diabetic. The problem is that diabetes is getting younger these days, and being asymptomatic, some patients only manifest with symptoms such as erectile dysfunction. In the meanwhile, please start with Nux vomica 30C, 4 pills thrice daily for 15 days. I will prescribe a different remedy after this period. This remedy will help to detoxify your system to some extent. Thank you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Dr. Chandragiri,
I get my blood sugar tested and it is normal. Thanks for pointing that out. Before I asked you my question, I ordered Lycopodium Clavatum 30C, and started to have it 3 times 4 pills. Tomorrow is going to be 1 week of taking the medicine. The medicine in fact worked pretty well for me. I found quite a bit improvement in my erection and control over ejaculation. But the acute pain during urination (sometimes) is still present.

I ordered Nux vomica 30C in the meantime. And it has arrived. I would listen to whatever you will suggest. So, should I stop having Lycopodium  and start Nux vomica. If yes, when, should I have few days break in between? Probably this information would help you to guide me better. I am sorry if I should not have taken Lycopodium. But what happened is: I found the medicine listed and ordered. Then then I found this website, and also found your very knowledgeable answers.
I realized I should take expert's suggestion instead of self diagnosis. I still need your advice very much.

Few things I did not mention earlier. During my typhoid, 10 years back, I used to loose protein through urine very much. Still now, when I urinate it produces a huge amount of foam. Later reports never showed protein present in my urine, but the 'foaming' is still the same. Also, the typhoid actually started attacking my nerve (specially eyes) and the neurosurgeon thought I might get meningitis, which luckily did not cause me issue.

Currently, I have a sort of skin problem, whenever I get a cut, bite, or a pimple, it has start leaving a big scar mark after healed.

Thanks again for your concern. I will be eagerly waiting for your response.


ANSWER: Dear Chandan,
        Two remedies Lycopodium and Phosphorus come very close in your case. Since you have already started with Lycopodium, I suggest that you avoid taking Nux vomica. Continue with Lycopodium for another two to three weeks. You may improve further. If you see a plateau phase in your response, please increase its potency to 200C and take 4 pills of it every night only for a fortnight. Thank you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Dr. Chandragiri,
There was some improvement at the beginning of taking Lycopodium. After about 3 weeks I have moved to higher potency (200C) and has been taking it for almost a week now as you have suggested. But from the last two weeks (1 week of taking Lycopodium 30C and one week of taking Lycopodium 200C) my condition has deteriorated again. Please suggest me how should I proceed.

I need your help very much.
Answer:   Dear Chandan,
        Now take Lycpodium in the 1M potency, taking 6 pills every third day, only once at night. Thus, you should be taking only two doses in a week. Take only 4 doses in all, and then tell me how you feel. Thank you.
With warm regards and best wishes,
Dr. Prasad R. Chandragiri

I took Lycopodium 1M for last two weeks as you suggested.
After having all these medicine what I can say that I mostly (though not always) got rid of Erectile Dysfunction (The penis hardness is better than before but not adequate, and still sometimes ejaculation occurs without any hardness). But still I have the issue of premature ejaculation. Few situations got improved. I do not feel extreme weakness any more after ejaculation and also back pain after ejaculation got reduced. I guess there is little improvement in the quantity of semen released. The flow is better (still dribbling, but better than before). Still semen gets released while defecating (it happened only once recently). Painful urination also reduced but sometimes it occurs.

Few things probably I did not share before:
I like extreme hot (temperature) food and also spicy foods. I like every flavor of food (sweet, sour, bitter) though more inclination to spicy and hot(taste) foods. While I has having Lycopodium 200C, my libido got increased very much and now while having 1M it is much better. I feel depressed throughout the day. I get angry very soon now a days and not able to focus.
I recently developed a skin problem. If something happens, like a pimple, a minor cut or whatever, it leaves a scar when gets healed.

I am not sure if these information would guide you to help me better in solving my premature ejaculation problem.
I need your help very much!

Dear Chandan,
         There seems to be something that is preventing the complete action of Lycopodium. We homeopaths refer to this as a miasmatic block. I suggest that you now take Sulphur 30C, 4 pills every morning on an empty stomach for 15 days. Thereafter, repeat with Lycopodium the same way for another 15 days. Thank you.


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