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QUESTION: Dear Dr.Prasad Chandragiri,
         Lastly, You prescribed me to take 3 doses of Camphor 1M to nullify Sulphur 1M effects on my body.I took it and the symptoms like itching on my leg and heat produced on my backside of my body have stopped showing the effects.I have a doubt if Sulphur 1M can be taken for Erectile dysfunction problems.Actually, your previous answers to me was very nice and has everything in them ,so that no questions arises on my mind to ask you anything further on this.

Thank You,


ANSWER: Hello,
     Please do not take Sulphur 1M only to treat erectile dysfunction. It is always better to select a homeopathic remedy on the basis of your symptom totality. You should see a homeopath close to you for this purpose. Alternatively, you should provide all thew details required to make such a prescription, in line with the questionnaire provided by me on the allexperts.com website. Thank you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Dr.Prasad Chandragiri,
         I post you the Questionnaire alongwith my answers to them also.Please suggest a suitable remedy.

Instructions from the Expert:

For a homeopathic consultation, I request my patients to provide details related to the following:

1] The chief complaint as regards its location, sensation, aggravating and ameliorating factors, and any related symptoms

Cheif complaint : Erectile dysfunction,lack of sperms,muscular twitching
Started: In the year Janí2007

I feel sad  and hopeless because there is no permanent cure for my ED problems.

2] Probable cause of the complaint

Over Masturbation is the main cause for my problem.This caused my penis to become small and it never got back to it's size later.

3] Any associated complaints

The other problems are lack of sperms,sexual desire, improper blood circulation in my legs,hands and particularly on my foot.

4] Appetite/ Thirst troubles

Appetite : It is good and I am a vegetarian and take all those types of food.I like tastes like sweet,sour,spicy,salty but not bitter.

Thirst : It is Moderate and I drink 3 litres of water daily.

5] Cravings/Aversions

I don't crave for foods and have no sexual desire also.

6] Bowel/ Bladder problems

No indigestion,constipation problems.Everything is fine on this.

7] Sleep disturbances

My sleep is Good all the time unless I face some problems.

8] Dreams

I don't have any recurring dreams .I donít dream girls or women as I am unable to do so.Infact I have forgotten the sexual feeling also and I can only know it only intellectually.

9] Mentality/Temperament

I am not a short tempered person.I don't like anyone to feel sympathy for me.But on need I ask them for help in case of any problems that I face.I, also don't like to show false sympathy to others who are really in trouble.I won't hurt them in any way .

10] Sexual disorders

Erectile dysfunction,lack of sperms and libido,muscular twitching.

11] Past history of diseases/ surgery

I suffered twice from Jaundice,Typhoid in my childhood days.No surgery so far and no other health problems.

12] Family history of diseases/surgery

Motherís side : She suffers Type 2 Diabetes

Fatherís side :  He suffered from Heart Attack 10 years ago.

Thank You,


ANSWER: Dear Balaji,
         Have you been tested for diabetes. Since you have a family history of the same, you should get yourself tested at regular intervals, as it can also lead to decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. On the basis of your symptoms, I suggest that you start with Natrum sulphuricum 30C, taking 4 pills thrice daily for 15 days. Thereafter, please tell me about how you have been feeling. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and try and exercise every day. Also, have at least one bowl of curds daily. Thank you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

        As you have advised I took Nat.Sulph. 30C and it reduced numbness in my legs and I found slight improvement in erection.I found improvement upto 20 % and this change is very great to me.But semen was not produced.I have not conducted any blood test to check sugar levels in my blood because I hope and think that I don't suffer from diabetes and that is why I have not done blood test for sugar so far.Please tell me that should I take blood test for sugar and also those tests for checking hormone levels in my blood.Thankyou for guiding me.


Dear Balaji,
         Please do get your fasting plasma glucose, postprandial plasma glucose, and HbA1c tested to know if you are diabetic or at least prediabetic. This is very important, as I will be in a position to guide you accordingly. Also, get your serum testosterone level and thyroid function tested, as these are other conditions that could lead to symptoms similar to yours. Further, since you say that you have less sperms, get your semen analysed too. In the meanwhile, continue with Natrum sulph in the same potency and dosage. Please do not be afraid to get investigated. After all, if the underlying pathology is detected, it becomes easier to treat the problem. Have faith in me. Even if some problem is detected, I will recommend natural ways to treat it first. Thank you.


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