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Dear sir pranam,

I am  26 years old boy.

I have many problems . basically I need your help in Premature ejaculation. I ejaculate without penetration while having sex.its just a matter of few seconds

Cravings: spicy food
Bowel : not correct
sleep : sometimes i gets awake around 1am and 2am in the night.
Dreams: Horrific
Mentality: short tempered
Sexual disorder: Premature ejaculation

History: I had a stone in my ureter and got operated last year.
Family is free from diabetic and father is having heart disease called hypertrophy cardiomyopathy doctor said its a genetic disease . his age is 60years but problem occurred 3 years back

My premature ejaculation is the cause of excessive masturbation.
And feeling of hurry

Sometimes i feel mind is hollow
Iforget some words
Sometimes frequent urination
After lunch  i feel sleepy
Every time i try to do things in hurry
Gas and chronic constipation stool comes in thin form .
Feeling of anxiety and anger
Itching in the anus it seems i have fissure problem some times i feel little cuts in the anus and very tiny bleeding
Itching eyes from dust
I feel too much excited after watching erotic scenes
Breathing problem seasonal asthma
sensitive skin  


Dear Sushant,
         Premature ejaculation is a learnt phenomenon, which develops, as you rightly pointed out, due to hurry. Hence, you will have to learn to relax mentally whenever you attempt sexual intercourse. Follow the start-stop-start techique to gain better control over your orgasm. On the homeopathic side, please start with Calcarea phosphoricum 30C, taking 4 pills twice daily for a fortnight. Thereafter, get back to me with your response to the remedy. Thank you.


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