QUESTION: Even though the bottles have some instructions, they leave unanswered questions. I just want to know the basic rules of taking homeopathy Pills like below:

When should they be taken?
Can they be taking with meals?
Can they be taking with other supplements?
Should they be taking in morning or night?

Any other information that you think is important will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Hello,
     Homeopathic medicines can be taken at any time, provided the mouth is clean. Hence, doctors ask their patients to leave a gap of 15 minutes before and after eating or drinking anything. Only some medicines are preferably to be taken during a specific time of the day or night; for example, it is better to take the remedy Sulfur in the morning, whereas a remedy like Mercurius would yield best results when taken at night. Homeopathic remedies can be taken concurrently with supplements; however, the gap of 10 to 15 minutes should also be left between them. Since homeopathic remedies act via the sublingual nerve endings, it is advisable to chew the pills slowly. When taken in liquid form, they should be held in the mouth for 10 seconds, for the same reason. Substances that can interfere with the action of these remedies such as black tea, black coffee, edible camphor, alcohol, narcotic drugs, and tobacco in any form, should be avoided for best results. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the information.  

Can you take several types of homeopathic pills together, like up to 7 different types at one time.

Thanks in advance.

     Frankly speaking, taking many homeopathic remedies together is actually against the principles of Homeopathy. To some extent, it is permissible to use them if they are completely different preparations; for example, a potency like 30C along with a mother tincture or a biochemic remedy or a Bach flower remedy. However, these days, a very large number of homeopaths use polypharmacy to treat their patients. There are several patent products in the market too, which contain more than one remedy. Thus, as per their practice method, it is alright to take many remedies together. I don't prefer such prescriptions only for one reason. You don't come to know which of the remedies is helping. Further, they may also interfere with the actions of one another and thereby lead to a zigzag cure instead of a direct one. Thank you.


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